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  1. Khybur » Chun-Chun

    LF Sorc Discord. lvl 61 221/305 NA sorc here. Saw you linked in a thread thanks.

  2. GamePois0n

    Testing testing 12

  3. Mikashi

    Wondering how long the servers will be down. >.<

  4. GameOverMan

    I own this game but cant post on the forums.  Can somebody help me please?

  5. Deity

    Moved over to the new forums under the name; iPure 

    See you there! :3 

    1. Deity

      • 0
  6. HelperBot9000

    O my... It's been a long time... It seems that someone as tempered with my wires.

  7. HelperBot9000

    System restart initialized...

    HelperBot9000 Coming Online...

    Update 1.0...

    Some Functions May Still Be In Beta... 

    Helperbot9000 Online!

    Hello! Helping all is my primarry consern...

    Scanning Forums...

    HelperBot9000 Ready For Service...


  8. Animo

    Currently recruiting for the guild Erebus!

  9. HentaiLoli

    anyone know if Cerci Comes Online  on this forum anymore  i really wanna ask for this template T_T19046660_678815478978368_1611504007_n.pn

  10. HentaiLoli

    Is there anyone that knows  if  Cerci comes online on this forum  site anymore i been trying to ask them for their  template to this tamer   19046660_678815478978368_1611504007_n.pn

  11. Royal Pixelz

    New to the game, date of installment.

  12. Glustrod » FrizFroz

    Hi , just saw your Hana when looking for a preset, and just like Shaolaan(and many others) I love it^^ Do you have it up for download somewhere or can you send me this one?

  13. True Senpai

    New forums?

  14. Azagoth

    Thinking about why Kakao doesn't really bring this game to life on the next level...

  15. DEATHrocket777

    They kicked me out the clan! :(

  16. itsmeh

    im uninstaling again.. piss on this upgrading system that gives you NOTHIGN BUT -----ING HATRED NOTHING . this game is so disgusting its making me sick irl. the creators of such a cancerous game should be publicly shot in the face along with their families

  17. Metalharpey

    What's with this new forum crap... I can't even post any new topics!! .-.

  18. JulyL


  19. Zetectic

    Monthly Account Summary: 338 Energy, 275 CP

    Valk(56), Warrior(58), Witch(57), Maehwa(57), Witch(56), Dark Knight(56), Rang(56), Sorc(56), Tamer(56), Kuno(56), Berserker(56), Wizard(9)

  20. War

    guess who is going to be busy af this weekend.


  21. vulpes_sly

    meow meow o/

  22. Vorkrunne

    <Aura_Draconis> recruiting LGBT, RP, PvE, and lifeskill players!

  23. JSG97

    Pancakes :D