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  1. axlar2

  2. Dalenos

    My avatar is Dullahan one of the hardest bosses ever. If you played golden sun lost age you would know this >.>

  3. StonedSouls

    ..Des Menschen Seele ist des Teufels Quelle..

  4. Neenja34

    Insert Corgis on profile

  5. Neenja34

    Right, time to attempt to build on my forum profile.

  6. Sacks


  7. Wiggly

    Smackjabber of <Revolution>

  8. SamDaJam

    Yolo (Non-mainstream version) B|

  9. War



  10. SynysterKilljoy

    www.twitter.com/SynysterKilljoy   Check out my screenshots! I hope you all enjoy! (More will be coming soon but Twitter thought I was a bot and wouldn't let me continue)

  11. SynysterKilljoy

    Trying to lose myself in this world. Maybe if I try hard enough I'll enter it...

  12. Ellie3

    Discovering BDO :D 

    1. War

      have fun

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    2. Ellie3

      Thanks! ^^

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  13. Kukiko


  14. Vorkrunne

    Queer girl RPer

    Housing enthusiast

    Always looking for new connections :) I do best with paragraph, round-robin type RP. Massive crowd RP is overwhelming.

    I <3 group content. (Anything. Even gathering guild quests) I'm a very social player.

  15. Narmotari » Meij


    My little Kuno~ ^.^


    1. Meij

      Oh baby :x

      • 1
    2. Narmotari

      She turned out very good :3

      • 1
  16. excalibxr


  17. Akashi


  18. Narmotari » Meij

    I'm not blushing, it's just so hot in here all of a sudden, whoa... T- Thank you s-senpai~...

    1. Meij

      You are so adorable ^-^ I miss you

      • 1
    2. Narmotari

      I miss you too :c

      • 1
  19. Trish

    Just a girl looking to have some fun in her insane life. Feel free to say hi!

  20. Ahnahj

    Starting to recruit for my new guild! Síocháin  O.o    PVE guild, LFM! Must be at least 21 yrs old, have a thick skin and a sense of humor. No whining or complaining, one-upping, bragging, or being a general twit allowed. Relaxed, casual peeps. NO requirements. Please toss a line to Ahnahj n game <3

  21. Timmomac

    Filthy Casual Wizard - NA

  22. War » Luciferia

    Lol, did you mention me to some kids who didn't know how rng worked?

    1. War


      • 0
    2. Luciferia

      yeah  I asked you to check their math cause  I thought it would be fun but they had flamed a forum member in the process  (supposedly in jest) and the thread got deleted. oh well T_T

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    3. War


      it's probably for the best. I didn't want to hurt someone with the understanding of applied mathematics.


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  23. GM_Caramel

    Cleared my inbox!