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  1. Saffran

    Really enjoying the Dark Knight class, more then I initially expected. I cant wait for the awakening to be released!. 

  2. PrincessMiko

    Even after the darkest of storms, the sun still rises.

  3. Ayl

    Hi Toxic!

  4. WarCrew_PT » Silverfauve

    This might be awkward but what program do you use for the RSVP , I am trying to get one App but I can't find any decent ...

  5. Zetectic

    Monthly Account Summary: 311 Energy, 250 CP

    Valk(56), Witch(56), Sorc(56), Rang(56), Kuno(56), Maehwa(56), Tamer (56), Dark Knight (35), Witch (14)

    1. Zetectic

      Earned a Giath helm from group boss scroll.

      • 0
  6. Ayl

    VM once again after a hiatus from the forums and BDO. Dang IRL.

  7. IHAEU Silica » Silica

    Silica ^-^

  8. EmpressKi

    Oh also an update on my Kunoichi. She's currently lvl 54.


  9. EmpressKi

    Introducing the new member of the family!


  10. Belatoria

    Can't wait to bring destruction!

  11. Maileen » Silica

    Hallu :3 <3!


    ITS YA BOI!! Just came back from doing homework and working mah body to pieces!! Whatcha up too???

  13. PrincessMiko

    “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

  14. Felyni

    March 1st! :) 

  15. Poffy

    Searching for this Tier6 horse. (EU)
    Level, Skills and Gender don't matter.

  16. LiZzz

    So my game is fixed since the recent patch (huzzah!) 
    Time to play around in the character creator :)

  17. Zklandrina

    Cant get my launcher to working! RIP sailing exp! 

  18. Mindinabox


  19. Saffran

    After some absence due to, my mother being hospitalised, I am looking forward to be able to devote more time into BDO again now that my dear mother is recovering well.

    Its going to be interesting to try my Dark Knight!. 

    Have an awesome day!

  20. RiaStarchild

    Cookies and Drawing

  21. McLayne

    J'm'en vais désormais squatter le fofo international car grâce à la barrière de la langue je le trouve moins élitiste que la section francophone -_-