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  1. Zetectic

    Monthly Account Summary: 244 Energy, 161 CP

    Valk(56), Witch(56), Sorc(56), Rang(56), Kuno(55), Maehwa(54), Tamer (53)

    1. Zetectic

      Full PRI Grunil, PRI Liverto and PRI Axion Shield.

      • 0
  2. Haiironokaze

    Rerolling from Ninja to Warrior must've been the best choice.

    God, the differences!

  3. EchoLegion

    ----- trees.

  4. Zalta

    Time to start grinding for that TET dandelion. 

  5. Swanhilde

    Füttert Die Schwäne !

  6. SolidVu

    I am flawless

  7. SusiKunn

    School.... BDO is installing home and ready when I get back from school :3

  8. LiZzz

    Here's to hoping a new update will fix this random issue I got after the last update :S


    Black Screen Desert.

  9. ZackieKun

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED, guess it's anime time!

  10. Raizor

    When buff Tamer? ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

  11. gianni_sLays

    I feel alive


  12. Ralix Tanner

    Is it weird that I find playing this game more casually is more fun then getting caught up in the end game fights? (i mean its definitely less stressfull)

  13. CryoSynth » GM_Caramel

    I made a post about you! From the screenshot thing earlier lol.

    1. GM_Caramel

      I love it! <3

      • 0
  14. gracebymercy@gmail.com » GM_Caramel


    Wish this turned out better.... (Like without all the UI) It was super cool though!








    1. GM_Caramel

      I love it. 

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  15. Zetectic

    Monthly Account Summary: 233 Energy, 137 CP

    Valk(56), Witch(56), Sorc(56), Rang(56), Kuno(52), Maehwa(52), Tamer (20)

  16. MomoHimeChan

    Trying to figure out how the nodes, trading and workers function....

  17. Narmotari » Meij

    I miss you~ ;(

    1. Meij


      • 1
    2. Narmotari

      Sk, sk, sk, sk, sk, sk~ <3

      • 1
    3. Meij


      • 1
  18. PayneRasera

    Looking for a casual pve/life skills guild. Returning player just wanting to have fun with others like me.

  19. Xiomara

    So almost a year I finally got back into BDO thanks to the Halloween event and the other events that followed I was pretty much able to catch up. The game has been so nice to me since my return. (Who do I thank?)  It is more controller friendly than it was since closed beta. There are so many improvements the game plays great I am so thrilled just getting online and seeing everyone in chat <3 I doubt that they even know that -smirks- Thats ok Better to love everyone ~ than not be loved at all right ?


    2016-10-23_121723406 - Copy.JPG

  20. Probably Drunk


  21. rafal91

    Need more Cedar Wood for the crates!