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  1. Sizer



  2. Senaide

    You came this far, might as well go all the way...

  3. CappaChino

    Back on BD!


  4. Draciele » GM_Caramel

    caramel if you are around can you investigate the disconnection issues going on right now? we need this fixed or else people are gonna get free castles and billions of silver cause noone can build while offline


    1. GM_Caramel

      Hi Draciele, apologies on the delayed response! We were aware of the DC issues, and took care of it. :) 

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  5. GreyOne

    Only Warrior - Oldskool

  6. Karasu069

    LFGuild lol

  7. Baby_Puncher

    Beer and Boobs. That is all.

  8. War » Trixologist

    Aw. The thread got deleted and I missed what you said :(

    pm it 2 me bb ;)

  9. BlackShial

    Augenscheinlich hat mein Panda Heilang zu oft bestaunt, wenn dieser sich immer todesmutig vor seine Bändigerin stellt um sie zu beschützen. 


    Perfeker Schnappschuss, der so eigentlich gar nicht geplant war. xD Eigentlich wollte ich nur ein Bild von dem leblosen Wolf, wie er irgendwie seltsamerweise in der Luft schwebte. Und dann war da plötzlich der Panda.

    Schade, dass ich ihn nicht in Heilang Junior umbenennen kann. :(

  10. hakutzu


  11. Balagran

    L'impossibilité nue de penser cela

  12. ElSevillano

    Para cuando sera el Update de los magos ? ¬¬¬¬

  13. KazutoEleros

    Crying over waiting for The New World to start BECAUSE I WANNA PLAY NOW :3

  14. Jayli

    Night Night World.


  15. freakyy

    waiting for this update all day only to be told i got to wait longer :(


  16. FateThreader

    really loving this game so far, looking forward to getting back into it later. 

  17. PeachSofty

    I have a crappy computer but the game still runs sort of fast. I want somebody with high quality to take a picture of my character so I can see whats up with her skin texture.


  18. PeachSofty

    Melanin is around the town! <3 LOL




    (mhm yup my quality is trash)


  19. ThatPersonMi2

    A Whole New World! :)

    I come back from playing the new World of Warcraft Expansion: Legion, to discover so much shit has changed in this game! AH!
    So, Legion was a complete bust, just like I thought it was going to be. It wasn't because the game was bad, it was ultimately a 100% waste of all energy and resources that you put into that game. Why? The main problem is Artifacts. The thing that made the game a hell of a lot more interesting, also made the game a hell of a lot worse to play. Especially after they announced you lose ALL YOUR ARTIFACTS AT THE END OF LEGION. Well -----, there goes all those Artifact points you've been collecting :D~!

    I didn't originally plan to come back to Black Desert Online, actually spending more time playing Final Fantasy 14, and other Single Player games. But I never ended up getting to the hard cap of the game. I think my highest level was 41 at the time. So I hunkered down, and was like..." Get your game on!"

    That was about a week ago... and now I'm waiting for another 7-13 more hours for Maintenance. Well shoot.


  20. KillButt22 » Lacari

    u r idiot

    1. KillButt22


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  21. Enferlain

    Fix gaem pleas

  22. GM_Caramel

    Hi guys! Sorry I have been absent! Dealing with my new apartment and personal events (like Thanksgiving, Christmas) I am available to accept PMs right now. :) 

  23. Impi

    GG Exilium