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XILED's Suggestion Thread

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Posted (edited)

-Turn on muskin, giath, and hex marry world bosses i really enjoy boss fights i would like to see more of that.

-Add in a food and pots to increase chance of knowledge gain/better knowledge gain. 

-More types of red battlefield gems.

-A higher tier movement speed gem that can be upgraded to battlefield.

-Have mount inventory pop up on the side when accessing inventory while mounted

-Okay, so the revive spell for witch and wizard; completely impracticable. for one; you can miss, two; theirs no benefit to reviving someone. To fix this I'd recommend changing the revive spell from a single target to a small AOE, that would at the least make it practical. I also recommend making the revive spell removing XP loss, so its at least worth casting. 

-Do something about the AP/DP scaling; I saw a video in kr of a 240 AP ranger instantly melting a 400 DP zerk. My concern, for this is when people eventually start getting to these high thresh holds, is that if your playing a straight DP warrior/valk/ect to play a tank position. I just don't want to see DP ever hit the point of becoming irrelevant in this game.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------update 10/13/2016------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Add costumes for the quest elephants/guild elephants to the cash shop (no effect on the guild elephant costume please cosmetic only).

-Add Camel/elephant whistles to the cash shop on generalize them under horse whistle function I don't care which.

-Once again, turn on more world bosses it would add more content to the game.

-how about adding a snake as a pet to the cash shop, like a python or something. It could coil around your arm while your idle.

-you added maids why not add butlers.

-idk if its too late to make this suggestion but for the water update y'all should add a guild ship that gets crafted on an island node as a command post/fort allow guild officers / quarter master to drive it so we can wage war on the ocean for the island nodes it could be like battleship, objective: sink the other guilds ships.

- add three day compasses to loyalties and permanent compasses to the cash shop 

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Im just going to keep adding to the same thread

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Posted (edited)

bump added some things

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