[Guide] 50Mil+/Day Using Value Pack and P2W Mechanism

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Hi. I am a KR player who once paid for the premium subscription. I defended against the community whining about ghillie suit, dye system and others as P2W. But Value Pack is different because it is a P2W mechanism. Anyone who claims otherwise is sadly mistaken.  This guide will teach you how to guaranteed profit with Value Pack via market domination. The strategy is simple, sell everything at a minimum price such that you will make a profit while non-subscription players will make a loss. The key is to sell things as quickly as possible. Ideally, you want to target low margin items and dominate that market. Is it fair? No. Will it make you filthy wealthy? Yes.  Lazy P2W Method: The easiest and most common way is via selling cash shop dyes. Buy dye, buy value pack and sell the dye. You will profit. In the future, you will be able to sell costumes, pets and premium furniture as well. Generally the Basic Dye, pets and costumes sell the quickest but has smaller profit margin per pearl. The profit margin for furniture is higher, but it usually takes longer to sell. Also make sure to renew your subscription on-time monthly or you'll kick yourself the day these items sell and your membership expired.  Now onto the actual guide, because the lazy method will drain your wallet very quickly.  What to Craft? Has it ever baffled you why there exists items like Noble Wagon that literally loses money to make with taxes? The answer is that the developer has always build in this mechanism for premium players (Value Pack player) to profit immensely, therefore sustaining the F2P model that's in KR. With the introduction of this P2W mechanism in NA/EU, whales everywhere rejoice! Here is a time tested way to make tons of money with little to no competition from your non-Premium brethren.  But it does take some time to set up and I will go into how.  The goal is simply to find items whose minimum value is slightly than the price of the raw material that goes into them. Combat Steel Barding is a common example of an item that makes minimal profit, quick turn around. Noble wagon is another example of an item that sells with larger profit margin, but cost more time to make. If you tend to be more active, make items like combat steel barding and sell at minimum price. This will drive your competition out of the market while still guaranteeing you profit and quick sales time. If you are more AFK player, then you want to focus on larger ticket items like Noble Wagon, it is a net-cash negative for normal player but still make a sizable profit for premium player. Here is an example with Noble Wagon: Note: VP = Value Pack; COGS = Cost of Goods Sold (sum of the raw material at market price) Noble WagonProfit Gain with VP: 721,320Profit Loss w/o VP: -178,680Market Price: 3,000,000COGS for subscriber: 2278680COGS for non-Member: 3,178,680 12 Sturdy Pine Plywood160,000 8 Brass Ingot8,495 10 Soft Hide5,000 20 Black Stone Powder1,536  4 Wagon Horse15,000Here is an example of an item that's barely profitable for non-members, but extremely profitable (with quick turnaround - 30 min) for members: Light Hide StirrupsProfit gain with VP:
42,240Profit Gain w/o VP: 6,840Market Price: 118,000COGS for member: 75760COGS for non-members: 111,160 2 Steel9,177 2 Fine Tough Hide21,913 5 Black Stone Powder1,536  Other examples of these items are Yuria, off-hands daggers and talisman, reform stones, silver embroided clothes, and horse/wagon/boat gear. I will stay away from tools, fishing boats, and certain wagons (i.e. white wagon) where the profit margin is too large. Of course, you are still welcome to crash those market if you desire. You want to make sure to sell at minimum price because you want the quickest turnaround on your good. Lastly, make sure to split up your crafting empire into different town and expand those storage. Personally, the setup I had was using Calpheon for costumes (only high level one), Glish for tools, Heidel for gear, Altinova for weapon and armor. Once you expand the storage to the 192 maximum, you will be able to continuously produce items and minimize down time for AH listing. Crafting: $ to $$ depending on how much competition you face and turnaround time I don't want to Craft, how else can I make money? Rest assure, the premium membership is great for cooks and alchemist as well. Similar to crafting you want to offload consumable and bloods/elixir on the market at a minimum price as well. However, this is not as profitable in NA/EU because we are still gated by energy. In KR, it is common practice for players to buy an advance alchemy/cooking tool and AFK alchemy/cook and then send all the goods onto AH at minimum price. Again, you want to make sure to sell at minimum price because you want the quickest turnaround on your good.  Cooking: $  A special note for alchemist, alchemy stone is where you what will make the majority of your wealth as a high tier stone can sell for hundreds of millions. I would make 4-5 alchemy stones and sell them at once. Therefore you should be making metal solvents, wood hardener with your energy. However, these stones tend to sell slowly so make sure to put them on the AH at the beginning of your Value Pack rotation. However, in doing so I have made 1Bil/week doing this (heavily RNG), and the premium membership will make a few hundred million per alchemy stone upgrade cycle. Alchemy: $$$$ I am a Crafter/Cook/Alchemist and I don't want to pay a monthly subscription. How do I play? I'm sorry to tell you, shut down shop and go grind. Crafting is dead.  This is one reason why imperial crafting is consider the de-facto way for non-Premium players to make money in KR. You do have to be on every 3 hours and the quota fill up quickly around peak hours. However, there are are a few viable items, namely grunil, fishing boat and wagon (white wagon, merchant wagon). Even at the minimum price, you still get a tiny profit margin. But you will be competing with premium player and the turnaround time is long as there isn't as much demand for these wagon/competition. Do you hate the fact that you spent hours gathering and make 1/2 of the premium players? Well, reach in your wallet and pay. That's the beauty of this mechanism and what drove me to pay the membership in the first place. So honestly, just close down shop and pretend you can't craft in this game.  You'll be happier in the long run.    Here's some other nice post calculating the profit gain:      As a life skill player, I left KR to join NA/EU with the promise of a non-P2W game and better management. I am sad and disappointed by this recent development. But don't let my sadness prevent you from becoming filthy rich. Enjoy crashing the market and becoming the wealthy mogul you've always dreamed of becoming. 
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