Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?

By Cirilla_Rianon in General,
They actually updated their post quite a bit. But this part especially makes me lose all hope. ( for reference) As we have stressed in the past, your feedback is paramount to us, and that is still true. We encourage you to share your thoughts on this change as Pearl Abyss has requested. However, we ask that you do so in a non-abusive but constructive manner. We will continue to communicate on your behalf, and thank you in advance for your efforts. to... We are open to the community’s feedback and we encourage you to share your thoughts and concerns in a constructive manner on this change. In order to stop the P2W before it's introduction... Think carefully about this. A limit of five items per week still makes you able to sell 5 costumes (130$ / €) total PER week. And there are people who will do it simply to outgear everyone else. This is just too much. Stuff like the value pack was already borderline P2W, but this is going too far. Honestly, this is such a beautiful and good MMO, but has been ruined ever since it's release by greedy pay-to-win business strategies. We were told there were adjustments being made for the western market to prevent what's happened on KR/RU/JP, turning the whole game into a P2W shitfest, even having to limit the amount of money people were able to spend on it. This is beyond unacceptable.  If you are against the P2W, voice your opinion and change your forums icon. If you are also a guild master, show us your thoughts with your guild icon.   Please also take a look at: The majority, if not all, of the big guilds GMs are voicing their concerns in that thread. Aswell as this article: And this thread: If you have some spare time to read about the topic from a more business point of view, that is. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm probably one of those 0,1% of people who've spend the most on this game (don't even want to tell how much, it's embarassing), but I've done it because I felt confident about it and to overall getting a better experience rather than to be able to buy the best gear without effort and just ----- people over.   Anyway, I only see this going one of three ways: 1. Pull back, don't implement the change and do not ever dare to mention it again. Major damage has already been done as we speak, both concerning player popularity and company image wise, but this is obviously still the option that would calm people for the time being. 2. Make Cash Shop items available for purchase with ingame silver DIRECTLY off the CASH SHOP. Of course this doesn't make you more money, but as your goal apparently seems to be to make everyone able to "enjoy" the cash shop content this is the obvious way, without pay to win involved. Nobody would be at a disadvantage here. Actually, this would benefit the game's economy in a positive way by adding a silver sink other than cron stones, which hardly anyone ever uses.  3. Go through with your plans. But this'll likely be the end for most of the community at this point. Afterwards you may aswell do a server merge and go free to play, cause there'll be hardly anyone left to populate this MMO.     These are the current costume prices on the korean marketplace: Effectively this means you'll be able to receive: 101.200.001 * 0,84 * 5 = 425.040.004,2 Silver EVERY SINGLE WEEK.   Guild rankings (feel free to link me other servers that I'm missing): For the lolz (and the ----- heads who said "They never said they weren't going P2W"): The amount of straight out lies in those two videos is incomprehendable. @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes @PM_Jouska I feel like it's already too late however. The trust is now entirely gone (not that Kakao managed to earn much of that before this announcement), decently large portions of the player base already quit. I don't understand how these korean developers and their damn publishers cannot comprehend that this does not work in the western market. ArcheAge failed, and so did another hundred korean MMOs before it. Not because they're bad games, no. Most of them are even very good games in many regards, but it's always the payment model that they mess up, just to ----- themselves over in the end. At least those games had the decency to start as Free to Play games though, rather than making promises of a decent Buy to Play game, which to be honest, BDO never was. The cash shop has always been borderline P2W and it's only gotten worse since release. They managed to sneak in the Pay to Win elements slowly over the course of months. Some may call individual features "Pay to convenience", but to be honest all of those add up. A cash shop whale has so many advantages over a player that decides to spend no or only small amounts of money on the cash shop. When you feel obligated to pay in order to keep up, something is seriously wrong. We've all managed to accept this somehow, but looking bad at it it's rather pathetic. I really hope they suffocate on all the money they farmed from their community so far, so that the next developer may not do the same mistake again. Apparently all the recent examples have not been enough so far.
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