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Item Enhancement Broken?

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I've been playing this game since launch.

I've got a TRI Kzarka longbow, TRI bheg gloves a few weeks back.

In the past 2 weeks i've been working on enhancing my tree armor from base level. According to the RNG woodchipper - going for enhancement level +11 is meant to be a 32.5% chance at maximum failstacks (16 failstacks). Starting at 15 fails - I hit this 18 times before getting to +12 (5.5% chance). From 13-14 i hit at 20 fails from maximum (25) once again (5% chance). Currently sitting at 22 fails going for +15 (4.54% chance).

Current failstacks: 43 / 38 / 35 / 33

All of these values listed in the document supplied state a reasonable chance at acquiring the upgrade. I feel as though the enchanting system for gear has broken. I've hit +15 hundreds of times on reblath, krea, hercules, luck of fortuna between 0-20 stacks no problem.

Can you please find out if any of the recent patches have lowered the chance at enhancement. OR can you guys introduce a memory fragment bundle into the Night vendor or make the memory fragment drops easier to acquire (+1 per scroll in a group like it was before) or guaranteed on your own scrolls or +1 minimum per bundle. I don't mind if it takes a million fails. but if memory fragments are impossible to acquire what is the point of boss gear....


Kind regards,



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RNG is RNG Welcome to BDO

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Posted (edited)

I've noticed the same issues enhancing which along with the nerf is creating a huge bottleneck and it's ridiculous. I've made the same suggestion about adding a bundle to the Night Vendor as well. Hopefully we'll see something in the future.

Edited by snappyfu

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Man man... I found Hebetate tree spirt armor more than 2 weeks ago..

I started enhance it as I found it. It went to +9 without fail ONE time but after....... today.. it's still +9.. I failed it more than 30 times, hoping each time it will rise.. and saying myself "it''s a -----ing shit +10, c'mon I CANNOT force it! what about when it will be a +12 instead... cmon...."

Today my last try.. I'll write a ticked complaining about something bugged on that piece. Don't tell me it's RNG, you can put that RNG in your fked asses. I got more than 30% chance to enhance it, well.. it doesn't seem so, it's NOT like that.

I tried with 15 failstacks carrying them to 21, than 26. I tried with another character and started again from 15, and carried it to 21. Today again from 15 and -----ING failed again.

My boyfriend found Bheg gloves exactly one week after my hebetate, and he enhanced them to TRI the same day without even spend much silver, than he tryed with my hebe too (he always success enhancing with my character) and he failed again.

A guild mate the day after found Giath's Helmet and made it TRI in less than 1 hour, he quite never failed, he said. "I cannot believe how could you not take that shit armor to TRI like us" he told... RNG or not RNG the enhance chance is the same, you got 40% you have to succeed it one fkin time.

I see.. I'm still blocked, spent tons of money and still blocked on a +9!

I deserve some seriour reply, not the all time excause of RNG.

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