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My Thoughts from March til now, P2W? or get over it?

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Posted (edited)

When I started I read up on game and seen both KR and JP had no buy in and had cash shop items avail for marketplace

Now when a game wants to step up shop here in North America, what they do not tell you is this, international tax and fees. 

In a sort they are setting up shop to take virtual jobs, and are charged through the nose.

Servers are not cheap for this type of usage 100.000 + users using data to run this game lol

Also Currency from Yen to USD is a joke see image

9375e2a70892489b9ce56de91f6c4035.pngd54b12494ab4441782a18b9e1126ed6c.pngEdited to show both in case of either


Now keep in mind I am going by my opinion of starting in March.

At that time they said Not at launch, so I knew it was coming, and seeing the fact as kr gets updates we do later on so you have to be a fool not to think oh they get mediah we get mediah they have valencia we get valencia ..... Oh wait they have cash shop items in market........ 


anyhow it takes alot to do this and well I respect it. 

Please remain calm and stop acting like no one knew this....

and in a couple days we shall see what happens,  



I think the items in cash shop will be limited, like to have 25% avail to resell only to encourage more to spend, Like at costco where they offer a sample of tasty crack to get you in the door 


IN online gaming you see cash shops. they help with paying the staff, now if you are unemployed or living at home think of this, "whoever" feeds you be it Mom, Dad, Gramma, Grampa, the state or lotto. if they had been told today that they were no longer going to be paid that they were hoping to work for free. 

you would not have anymore internet, food, or cheetos



For me the Pearl shop is a form of tipping the server waitress etc "Jouska" 


but if we paid to get in, and that income is going down, the fate of the server could close.

if the game did go free to play you think it is bad now?

we pay to get in and could pay, think of the leechers 


Yes Black Friday, game goes free to play hordes of people rush in, card warriors and bots and rotten people

You think it is bad, lol I played Lineage 2 when it started 20$ a month, it had bots and gold sellers but when it went free to play servers we're packed


I think we all need to see how this plays out, and see if it can be made to work for us, as well we all love the game or you would not be here trolling 


In life you will learn you can chose the devil you know vers the devil you don't


IN any case this has been my time and thoughts.

If you need an 


Just leave, save some dignity and move on. 

Stress will kill you


Have a great day, if you agree may the RNG be with you so you find the booty


and if you are that troll, may you find all the Bares crap and empty chests



Edited by piratebeowolf
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I stopped reading when I realised OP thinks Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan is the same

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I stopped reading when I realised OP thinks Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan is the same

Damn I stand corrected however it still the same post. 


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Posted (edited)

parent company is from korea, you should have used korea won.

No such thing (to some extent - but probably not what you were aiming at) as international tax and fees because Kakao EU is likely registered in the EU. Even if their parent company is from korea.  So free trade rules apply etc. US also has a trade agreement with the EU and so on. 

No issues with your ideas and stuff though. 

Edit: Sorry I realised I sound abit anal, i do legal work so its an occupational hazard I get bothered by these things.

Edited by Nicolyh

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