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Where is the PvE content ?

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So from watching videos on youtube and browsing through the forums a little I have come to see this game has no END GAME PVE content what so ever.

There is no Dungeons (instanced) or Raids ( 10+ player bosses) besides the select few World Bosses, I know a huge amount of players would LOVE to see this added.

Coming from World Of Warcraft myself I am hoping that eventually ( maybe 3 months after launch or less ) we have some actual content besides mobs we grind to level.

PvP is fun and all but there has to be more to the game , I have pre ordered the game and am still going to play a shit ton when released as I spent 100$ on the damn thing.


- About 10 5-man instanced Dungeons with Multiple bosses that would roughly take an hour to do with game play mechanics that are semi-challenging to the player base
- Atleast 2 Raids for 10-30 players (basically massive dungeons that take days to complete and are even more challenging)

This content can easily be added at a later date after launch as players are going to have to reach near max level to do them.

So from here I'd like to hear what types of PvE content is missing and would like to be seen by YOU THE PLAYERS.


definitely liked this post. May i add that they make it worth players efforts?  Meaning not just some pointless dungeons that drop vendor trash for silver (i think thats how some of the dungeons are in KR). Like to see more in game armor sets add

seems that most MMOs start out with pve in mind with pvp as an after thought. But it seems that this game made pvp the primary focus (not only focus) while pve functions support pvp. Nothing wrong with that. Like most pvpers who as for more pvp content, lets hope that they dont ruin that pvp experience and still keep adding to the pve side

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@GraveNexuz sounds like you need to go back to WOW or try Neverwinter Nights Online (NWN).  I use to play WOW and gave it up along time ago.  The raids and dungeons where so repetitive it drove me insane.  NWN is a fun game, but once again its repetitive dungeons and slow coming content drove me insane again.  This game so far in CBT2 seems fun, I like the layout of the interface, in game video tutorials, combat system, one thing I don't like is the grandiose normal weapon effects.  I wish they would make those effects just for special and epic attacks or abilities.  Like most new games of this nature we will have to give it some time to evolve into its potential.

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