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Win10 - Black Desert download - Error Code 2001

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Hello Yami here,

I got a 7 day trial key from a friend and wanted to download the game but i get an error at 85 mb every time.

It says Error code 2001 and so i googled it but didnt find a solution yet.


- Deactivate antivir/firewall

- Restart PC

- Delete several files like BlackDesert32.exe / .pac / .paz

- uninstall -> restart -> install

- uninstall + clean registry -> restart -> install

- start as administrator

- start with compatibilty mode Win 7/8

One thing i noticed when uninstalling is that the "Bin" folder stays there with an xc folder which is undeletable.

And since thats the same folder when the error appears i thought it might be something with that folder but couldnt find out what.

Tried to deactivate the option that you cant write in it. It ticks itself again for every file in the Black Desert Folder.

Tried to open it for every user on the PC if that would be a problem but that didnt fix it aswell.

Now i am sitting here without any idea how to get this game installed and test it. Want to test if i can run it or not before buying it.

uploaded the log file of the launcher from the last start. And every other log looks the exact same.

yours sincerly Yami



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Posted (edited)

Hi Yami! :) You can try the following to see if this will resolve your issue. 

Windows 10:
Go to settings, click "Network and Internet", click "Proxy" turn off all settings.

-Power cycle modem/router

-Disable antivirus

-Disable firewall

-If using Wifi connection, switch to wired connection if possible

-Turn off any VPN or ping booster

-Make sure your router, firewall, ISP is not blocking the ports 8888 and 9991 - 9993 - You can check it there: http://portquiz.net:8888/ If you can see the homepage - it's okay. If you can't see it - you have your 8888 and 9991 - 9993 port blocked by router/firewall/ISP.

-In Windows Go to settings, click "Network and Internet", click "Proxy" turn off all settings.

-Suggested to check your network connection (speed and latency) and compare it with your internet subscription speed. If the difference is too much - you have 1mbit upload in the test and 10 mbit on the ISP contract - suggested to call your ISP and ask them about the problem.


-Open a command prompt and type this command:
netsh int ip reset c resetlog.txt

It is a command in windows to reset the tcp/ip, TCP/IP stands for transmission control protocol/Internet Protocol, it is a type of protocol used to communicate with other computers. If tcp/ip is not functioning then you would not be able to browse, even though your computer is able to ping other IP addresses and still if you are not able to pull up any webpages then reset the tcp/ip by using the above command.

-Suggested to perform a DNS cache clear to solve the issue, so please try the following:

To clear your DNS cache:

Click Start.
Enter cmd in the Start menu search text box.
Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.

Run the following command:
ipconfig /flushdns

If the command succeeds, the system returns the following message:
Windows IP configuration successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

Edited by GM_Caramel

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Posted (edited)

Proxy off
Antivir and Firewall off aswell (even made exceptions for the folder just to be sure)
Dont use VPN or Pingbooster
With Speed is everything ok

Tried the DNS Flush and "netsh int ip reset c resetlog.txt"

Only thing i wasnt sure about what you meant is Power Cycle modem/router?

No luck yet with any other thing i found online.

Just noticed that Black Desert makes the bin/xc/na folder unusable



Friend of mine uploaded his xc folder and we noticed that my PC doesnt like the 2 files in xc/na/1 ......it wont extract it.


Edited by YamiGitzune

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