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Hi there ok so firstly sorry, this is my first post so it wont be pretty and it probably wont even be spelt correctly but here it goes.


basically i'm here to appeal to other players and the Devs please dont ruin the game... ive only been playing 3 weeks but have been here for the introduction of value packs, more in game benefits available on pearl shop and now the ability to sell pearl items in market effectively selling silver for real money, this is so p2w and every week almost theres a new thing coming out to upset a vast amount of players, i see a lot of complaining in game, a lot of complaining on youtube and forums,  this one has over 210 thousand views.... so people are obviously bothered by this p2w road BDO is heading down.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIuFymMM2ak&ab_channel=TheLazyPeon


as well as this, there is an actual petition, https://www.change.org/p/daum-games-stop-daum-games-from-changing-blackdesertonline-to-pay-to-win-model-with-cash-shop-items-being-listed-on-the-market    that has been signed over 5000 times requiring an email name, adress etc and over 5000 people have signed it, as well as people not knowing about it there is also people that have already quit  before any change is made... by that logic i would confidently say this petition could easily get 10,000 or more signatures easily... therefor thousand of players either not quitting, coming back or trying out the game.


ok just to finish.. i do love this game its just getting annoying p2w things every single week and the threat of more all the time makes playing stressful and makes players me at least lose faith in yet another mmo dev... please keep this game alive, i love the combat most mmos are terrible and the game is fun... theres very little i dont like and when coming out BDO promised to never be p2w for 3 months.. then... suddenly completely went against there words... its exactly like no mans sky.. i dont actually know how its legal to advertise and develop a game saying one thing and then completly reversing that.. is that not lying... is it not false advertisment??? either way... please just keep the game alive... people will play it for the mechanics and guilds and skills and boss's etc.. not for new costumes for sale £20 a go.... its silly and the amount of money from people buying the game months ago the Devs and publishers etc must have made money and are now doing things purely for greed.... please dont fall into the group of 20+ games that started good and went p2w and died... 


sorry for the rant... take a look at the video and sign petition please...    thanks guys, take care and add me in game if you want.. although im a noob haha, cheers.

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