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Patch Notes - October 12th

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  • Ranger Awakening is here!

  • Ocean content has been added to the game world

  • Autumn has arrived in Black Desert.  Enjoy autumn leaves in the major cities!

  • A new powerful monster ‘Laytenn’ has been added to Valencia Desert.

    • Laytenn only appears at night in the Desert.

    • Players can obtain ‘Laytenn’s Power Stone’ necklace which is equivalent to the ‘Ogre Ring’



All Classes

  • Combo skill commands can now be locked, this prevents them from being triggered.

  • Level 1 skills for some combos are automatically acquired if the level requirements are met.

  • Endurance regenerates if you press Q when the player is in the water.

  • Fixed the issue where your weapon was sometimes visible while giving a lump of sugar to a horse.

  • A system message given when you learned a skill or reset skills while on cooldown has been changed.

  • The combo training quests for all characters have been removed.

PWyS0dE.png Ranger

  • Awakening now added [Awakening: Kamasylven Sword]

  • Fixed the issue where Round Kick dealt significantly less damage than it was supposed to.

  • Fixed the issue where Longbow Black Spirit 200% skill dealt significantly less damage than it was supposed to.

  • The description of the Charging Wind skill has been fixed; Resource consumption rate while mounted has been changed.

nXGR7c9.png Sorcereress

  • Fixed the issue where players were unable to absorb MP if they used Shadow Riot with three Shards of Darkness in their possession.

  • Crow Flare is now activated instead of Signs of Agony when ↓ + E is pressed after performing Midnight Stinger.

  • Player can now perform Night Crow consecutively in the air. (Up to three consecutive times.)

oss9vS0.png Berserker

  • Fixed the issue where Predatory Hunt was activated multiple times if its shortcut icon was pressed while being close to a low rooftop.

  • Fixed the issue where combat stance automatically switched to normal stance in certain conditions.

  • Fixed the issue where cape was sometime not visible while in Axe Combat Stance.

  • Beastly Wind Slash I’s level requirement has been changed to level 6 from level 7.


  • The transition to the next movement after performing Ultimate: Jolt Wave has been improved.


  • SP (Sacred Power) is no longer consumed in the second and third strikes following the first strike of Sword of Justice.

  • SP is no longer consumed in the third strikes following the second strike of Sword of Justice.

  • The SP consumption for Ultimate: Sword of Justice has been decreased.

uECh0VJ.pngWitch & Wizard

  • Fixed the issue where Concentrated Magic Arrow’s damage wasn’t being dealt properly.

  • Decreased the amount of damage of Concentrated Magic Arrow in PVP combat.

  • Fixed the issue where Staff Attack’s damage was dealing significantly less than it was intended to in certain conditions.

  • Fixed the issue where Mana Absorption didn’t function properly in certain conditions.

  • Fixed the issue where the animation for ice forming around a target on a moving ship was not properly tracking, when the skills Frigid Fog or Freeze were used.

Wizard Only

  • Wizard’s combat and normal stances has been improved so they would look more natural.

Witch Only

  • Added eye blinking animation in combat stance.

  • Fixed the issue where Staff Attack VI dealt less damage than Staff Attack V in certain conditions


  • Kunai: Evasive Throw / Shuriken: Moving Throw - Stamina cost is now indicated in their skill descriptions.

  • Fixed the issue where ‘Black Spirit 100%’Skill and ‘Black Spirit 200%’ Skill had an add-on effect.

  • The description of Heart Aiming has been changed.

  • Tendon Cutter now inflicts Stiffness debuff on enemies in PVP combat.

  • Fixed the issue where Sky Stepping was triggered endlessly while gliding.

  • If the total weight is over 125LT, players are no longer able to jump while sprinting.


  • Kunai: Evasive Throw / Shuriken: Moving Throw - Stamina cost is now indicated in their skill descriptions.

  • Fixed the issue where ‘Black Spirit 100%’Skill and ‘Black Spirit 200%’ Skill had an add-on effect.

  • The description of Heart Aiming has been changed.

  • The cooldown time for Ninjutsu: Concealment has been reduced.



  • Improved the preview images of the Furniture sets in the Pearl Shop so it is easier for players to see the components of the sets.

  • Adjusted the cost of registering Black Stone items at the Marketplace.

  • Lanterns will be available to buy at every “Goods Vendor”.

  • Elixir of Thorns can no longer be crafted.

  • Fixed the issue where some mount equipment was unsellable at the Shop.

  • Update: The maximum durability and health of fishing boats has been increased. Please note this may result in the health bar appearing to have less health than prior to the deployment of this patch.

  • The costs to list the following items on Item Market have been raised.
      ∙ Ancient Relic Crystal Fragment

∙ Forbidden Book

∙ Scroll Written in Ancient Language

∙ Blue Whale Tendon       

∙ Whale Tendon Potion

∙ Superior Whale Tendon Potion

∙ Whale Tendon Elixir

∙ Tough Whale Tendon Elixir   

∙ Triple-Float Fishing Rod       

∙ Fishing Boat Cargo Container of Abundance       

∙ Fishing Boat Cargo Container

∙ Fishing Boat Prow

∙ Fishing Boat Prow of Abundance

∙ Fishing Boat Decoration

∙ Fishing Boat Decoration of Abundance

∙ Light Hide Stirrups

∙ Combat Hide Stirrups

∙ Light Storm Hide Stirrups

∙ Fighting Spirit Hide Stirrups    

∙ Some of Elixir

∙ Ship License: Fishing Boat

∙ Good Feed, Organic Feed

  • The quantity limits for the following items have been adjusted.
      ∙ Opal Gemstone

∙ Polished Opal

∙ Brilliant Opal

∙ Moonlight Opal

∙ (Food) Specials  50 -> 100       

∙ Elixir  20 -> 100

  • Trade Exchange: The registration fee for the following items have been adjusted.
      ∙ Ores & Gemstones

∙ Woods

∙ Powders

∙ Plants and Trees

∙ Seeds

∙ Traces

∙ Bloods

∙ Star Anise Tea

∙ Special Seed Potato

∙ Special Barley Seed

∙ Special Wheat Seed

∙ Special Corn Seed

∙ Special Seed Sweet Potato

∙ Waragon Meat

  • The lowest minimum prices allowed on Marketplace for the following materials have been raised.
    ∙ Minerals, leather, seafood, Plants and Trees, seeds and fruits, meat, alchemy material, fruits & vegetable

  • For each of the following item categories, a different time cycle for market price change will be applied.
      ∙ Miscellaneous Goods

∙ Crystals

∙ Potions

∙ Cooking Items

∙ Housing Items

∙ Minerals

∙ Trees

∙ Seeds & Fruits

∙ Leather

∙ Fish

∙ Dye

  • [Guild] Field HQ has been added in the Guild Store.
    -A guild has to have at least two level 3 nodes conquered in order to build a Field HQ.

  • The following items now have unique functions simply by right-clicking said item.
      ∙ Black Stone: Immediately opens the Enhancement window.

∙ Crystals: Immediately opens the Transfusion window.

∙ Worker Recovery Foods: Immediately opens the All Worker List.

∙ Reform Stone: Immediately opens Reformation window.

∙ Dyes: Activates a pallet.

  • The following items cannot be registered at the Marketplace from now on.
      ∙ Horse Emblem: Gray Donkey

∙ Horse Emblem: Healthy Gray Donkey

∙ Horse Emblem: Strong Black Donkey

∙ Horse Emblem: Brown Donkey

∙ Horse Emblem: Black Donkey

  • A new accessory “Serap’s Necklace” added
      ∙ Basic Boosts: AP +8, Max HP + 50

∙ Every successful Enhancement increases AP by 4

  • A new accessory, “Tungrad Necklace” has been added.
      ∙ Basic Boost: AP +10, Black Spirit’s Rage +20% increase

∙ A successful enhancement increases AP by 5.

∙ Players can obtain it in rare cases if they kill dungeon monsters in Hystria.

  • A new Necklace ‘Laytenn’s Power Stone’ has been added.
      ∙ Basic Boost: AP +10

∙ A successful enhancement: AP +5.

∙ You cannot get this item from the Secret Vendors or Mysterious Necklace.

  • The prices for Practice Lynch Cannon and Practice Cannonball have been removed and they’re no longer sellable at the Shop.

  • AP Enhancer, and Damage Reducer will no longer share the Cooldown Time.

  • Following the removal of the Guild House Trade system, some remaining items have been removed today. Guild Masters will receive the raw materials for the following items via ingame mail if the items have been in process during the removal last week
    [Guild] Balenosian Specialty
    [Guild] Serendian Specialty
    [Guild] Calpheonian Specialty
    [Guild] Mediahn Specialty
    [Guild] Valencian Specialty
    [Guild] Imperial Trade Package

  • Pearl Shop Update



  • Added a Conversation to Tartar, the Valencia Lake Keeper NPC.

  • Lights are automatically on when entering a house.

  • Update: Players can now re-arrange the order of their characters from within the character select portion of the game.

  • Update: Players may now also utilize the character transport system via the character selection portion of the game.


  • Swordfish, Sailfish, Black Swordfish, and Marlin have been added to ‘Deliver the imperial fishing goods’.

  • Fish shoals now swim in various formations.

  • Some fishing-related titles have been improved by given more character.

  • The required number of caught fish to earn fishing-related titles have been significantly reduced.

  • Regular Fishing and Harpoon Fishing have been improved.

Updated obtainable fishing species by the area.

∙ Fishing further away from the shore greatly increases the chance of catching better fish.

∙ Fish now move in shoals which increase the chances of getting better fish.

∙ The location of fish shoals are random and changes depending on the time.

Swordfish, Marlin, Yellow Swordfish, Black Marlin are moved from Harpoon Fishing to Regular Fishing.

∙ The chance of catching exclusive fish has been raised when harpoon-fishing.

∙ Fishing knowledges are now divided into categories based on the fish type.

  • Swordfish, Sailfish, Black Swordfish, and Marlin have been added to the Imperial Fishing Delivery list.

  • Fish shoals now come in various forms.

  • New titles associated with Tuna have been added.

∙ Tuna Lover

∙ Tuna Holic

∙ Untiring

  • The seal of imperial fishing delivery can be obtained by delivering the following fish to the Imperial Palace.

    • Tuna, Sea Eel, Grouper, Swordfish, Marlin, Sailfish, Black Swordfish, Porcupine Fish, Black Porgy, Eyespot Puffer, Spotted Sea Bass, Giant Octopus, and Blue Grouper

  • The following fish can now be used as a cooking or alchemy material.

∙ Marlin

∙ Black Marlin

∙ Yellow Swordfish

∙ Sailfish

  • New titles associated with Moray have been added.

∙ Moray Lover

∙ Moray Holic

∙ Guardian of the Coastal Cave


Siege & Guild

  • Annexes are now easier to be destroyed when being attacked while in the building stages.

  • It now takes 1 minute 30 seconds, reduced from 3 minutes, to upgrade Barricade to Iron Barricade while in Siege.

  • Flame Tower and Hwacha no longer displays the Upgrade icon.

  • Guild Store Changes

∙ Castle Siege items are now bought from the Guild Manager and Guild House items from the Guild Stable Manager.

∙ [Guild] Craft Permit has been removed from the Guild Store.

  • Guild Items usage permission have been subdivided by ranks.  

  • Guild Items have been subdivided according to the ranks required to use them.

∙ General: Elephant breeding items, guild craft materials.

∙ Quartermaster: Hwacha, Hwacha Arrow, Traps, Conquest/Node War supplies, and all other General     items.

∙ Commander: Command Post, Node Fortress, Conquest/Node Fortresses, Guild Craft materials, and     all Quartermaster items or lower.

  • The rank requirement for purchasing items at the Guild Stable Store has been changed to Quartermaster or higher.

  • Mount Part Workshop has been added in the Guild House.

∙ Which can be used upon a successful bidding of a Guild House after obtaining the Guild Skill ‘(Fully Prepared)

∙ Upon a successful bidding of a Guild House and obtaining the Guild Skill ‘Supplies Production’ players may use the Mount Part Workshop.    

∙ You can make the item ‘[Guild] Bountiful Basket’ at the Mount Part Workshop once a day.

∙ [Guild] Bountiful Basket instantly restores 50% of an elephant’s Endurance, and has 30 minute cooldown time.

  • The names of the following guild skills have been changed.

∙ Elephant Raise -> Monstrous Force

∙ Guild Storage Expansion -> Ample Storage

∙ Imperial Guild for Trade ->Imperial Calling

  • Public Safety System has been added to each territory.

∙ When a Lord withdraws the territory tax, it excludes Public Safety expense.

∙ If a guild stays as the conqueror of a territory for 2 weeks or longer, the public becomes safer, and results in a reduction of the Public Safety expenses.

∙Public Safety expense is 50% of Territorial Tax, the longer a guild stays in control, the     lower the expense goes, in the following order.  50%/40%/30%/10%/0%.

∙ If another guild takes over the territory, the public becomes anxious, and the Public Safety Expense goes back up to 50% and the process starts anew.



  • The amount of possible crops obtained while farming has been increased.

  • Crops grown in Garden will now begin to rot when it reaches 200% growth level, which was previously set to 120%.

  • Fixed the issue where Prune was not visible when the growth level of a crop in a Garden was 100% or above.

  • When Processing (L) – Grinding, players can now use up to two materials at once.

  • Scarlet Sand Chamber node has been added.

    • If a player is killed by Ancient Kutum with the Scarlet Sand Chamber node connected, he will revive there if he chooses to revive in the nearest node.

  • Players can obtain Farming EXP when harvesting or Progressing Chicken Feed, x High-Quality Chicken Feed, Special Chicken Feed.

  • Shiny Golden Seal can be obtained from Node Products at Kunid’s Shelter.

  • 16 Flax Fabrics have been added as the materials needed to build Ship License: Fishing Boat.

  • Players can now buy or sell Trade Goods or Imperial Trade goods immediately after changing the channel without any cooltime. (Except for Fishing Traders) 

  • For the foods that need Lizard Meat as an ingredient, players can now use Worm Meat instead.

  • For the foods that need Steak as an ingredient, you can now use Juicy Steak instead.

  • Desert Trade Buff is no longer applicable in Sand Grain Bazaar.

  • Cocoon Production Node has been added in Erdal Farm Node.

    • You can make Silk by processing cocoons.

  • In the Conversation window, the maximum affinity level is now updated in real-time.

  • You can now access the World Map, Pearl Shop, Beauty Shop while you’re cooking or practicing alchemy.

  • The level of a wild horse found throughout the world is now randomly decided within the range or 1~10..

  • High level horses may already have a few skills in addition to its basic skill when caught.

  • Checking the levels and skills of tamed horses will only be available after registering them at the Stable.

  • When registering a tamed Horse, [Basic Information] will be stated based on its level 1 status.

  • Players can now change the basic skill of a horse.
    Note: changing horse skills still consumes a Horse Skill Change Coupon.

  • The tutorial guiding players through level 6 after they finish customization has been improved.

  • If a player retrieves a boat remotely, it adds +1 to its Destruction.

  • Adjusted Pet so that it’s no longer visible if it’s under water.

  • Desert Trading Buff in Ibellab Oasis is now 50% of the price of a trade item, changed from 100%.

  • If players take one of the following actions with Desert Trade Buff in effect, they get twice as much Trade Bonus.

    • If player buys an item in Ibellab Oasis and sells it in another area where Desert Trade Buff is applicable.

    • If player sells an item to which Desert Trade Buff is applicable in Ibellab Oasis.

  • In Pilgrim's Sanctum: Sharing, the conditions for getting Desert Trade Buff have been changed.

    • Before: Trade Lv. Master 2 or higher. Costs 50 Energy

    • Now: Trade Lv.Master 2 or higher. Complete the ‘To the Wild Desert!’ quest. Costs 100 Energy



  • Update: The Kzarka's timer has been decreased.

  • 10G Gold Bar has been added as one of the items obtainable after killing Karanda.

  • The following new elite monsters have been added to Valencia Hunting Field, Cadry Ruins, Titium Valley, Crescent Shrine, and Desert Naga Shrine.
    * Party play is recommended as these monsters are significantly stronger than regular elite monsters.
    ∙ Cadry Chief Gatekeeper

∙ Desert Fogan Gatekeeper

∙ Crescent Gatekeeper

∙ Desert Naga Gatekeeper


  • The following monsters now drop Serap’s Necklace on a rare chance when killed.
    ∙ Desert Fogan Seer

∙ Desert Fogan Fighter

∙ Desert Naga Combat Monk

∙ Desert Naga Commanding Officer


  • A new monster ‘Laytenn’ added to Valencia Desert.

    • Laytenn only appears at night in Valencia Desert.


  • Added new named monsters, Cadry Leader, and Shadow of Gahaz to Valencia Cadry Ruins and Gahaz Bandit’s Lair.

    • These monsters drop Serap’s Necklace in rare cases when killed.



  • The quest completion requirements for [Alchemy Lv16] Reflect Reflect! have been changed. This quest is now completed if players makes Elixir of Swiftness and give it to the quest NPC. (Changed from Elixir of Thorns).

  • A quest with a reward of Haystack for the Elephant has been added.

    • This is a repeat quest from Shakatu in Shakatu Territory, which becomes available again immediately after accomplishing the quest objective.

      [Villa] The quest becomes available upon completing the Owner of a Special Elephant quest, and players can only receive one random quest out of four at a time.

      A Haystack for Elephant can be installed in a garden, and be grown into a Miniature Elephant.

  • Lava Chief Summon Scroll, and Giant Mudster Summon Scroll are now guild-only items that can only be cast by a guild member rank Quartermaster or higher.

  • A new Black Spirit quest, “Best Weapon and Armor in Calpheon” has been added.
    This is only available if players are between level 45~51 and have 50 or more Contribution points available.

    Players can receive the information about the quest by summoning the Black Spirit when they are close to reaching the required level.

  • The Defeat Goblins quest given by the Black Spirit at early levels in the game has been made simpler.

  • The Guild occupancy Mission [Subjugation] Large/Extra are now sorted under General Mission Category.

  • The Quest Objective for the Feeding Salmon to Horses quest has been changed to Steed from Salmon.

  • The quest objectives for some of the fishing quests have been changed due to the changes to fishing.

  • The quest objectives of the “Fish for Villagers” quest has been changed as follows.

Nibbler -> Black Porgy

Moray -> Spotted Sea Bass

  • Fixed the issue where some of the quests already completed showed up in the recommended quest list.

  • Players now need to talk to Black Spirit instead of Igor Bartali to complete the “Endless Research for Adventure” quest.

  • New Fishing Rank Advancement quests have been added.

    • The details of advancement quests can be checked in the Black Spirit’s [Guide] section.

  • New Hunting Rank Advancement quests have been added.

    • The details of advancement quests can be checked in the Black Spirit’s [Guide] section.

  • New Farming Rank Advancement quests have been added.

    • The details of advancement quests can be checked in the Black Spirit’s [Guide] section.

  • New Subjugation quests have been added in the Calpheon hunting ground:

    • Rhutums, Manshas, Catfishmen, Treants, Abandoned Monastery, Calpheon, Hexe Sanctuary

  • The requirements for receiving the World Full of Enemies and For a Sharper Weapon quests have been changed.

    • The quest becomes available if you’re level 48 or higher, and have completed the [Co-op] Witch-Hunting quest

  • The quest objectives of the following serial quests, “World Full of Enemies” and “For a Sharper Weapon” have been changed.

  • 5 New quests have been added in Calpheon City. Each quest rewards players with ‘Scream Ent Cymbals’ when completed.
    * A pair of cymbals used in Calpheon Choir, if you play it wrong it will sound like an Ent’s scream for which it was nicknamed after.

  • The number of the Knowledges the “Aakman and the Ancient Man (Ordnance) I” quest is associated with has been adjusted to 10.

  • The Knowledge of Tutuka now belongs to the [Arkman and the Ancient Man (Ordinance) II] quest instead of the [Arkman and the Ancient Man (Ordinance I) quest.

  • The quest objective for the following Fishing quests have been changed.

      • Can you fish? : Dace -> Bluegill

      • Adorable Roundtail Paradisefish : Roundtail Paradisefish -> Rosy Bitterling

  • New quests Theater Troupes of Mediah, Conch Shell have been added in Mediah region.   

  • Players can receive these quests from Dino Laha if they’re level 51 or higher.

  • New repeat quests have been added in Delphe Knights Castle.

      • Supplying The Delphe Knights

      • Players can receive this quest from Jeron if they’re level 50 or higher.

  • Added a method to learn the Knowledge of Extraction Mill Manager Dawson.

      • Players can obtain the Knowledge by talking to Dawson while they’re carrying out the Extraction Mill Manager quest.

  • The number of seals needed to complete the “Obtain Miniature Elephants” has been reduced.

    • Subjugation Seal 25 -> 10

    • Calpheon Trade Seal 50 -> 20

    • Mediah Trade Seal 50 -> 20

    • Gahaz Seal 3000 -> 1200

  • Added 14 new quests in Valencia region.

  • Added details on obtaining Rhutum Amulet in the quest description of [Exchange] Rhutum Elite Fighter Belt, and [Exchange] Sturdy Rhutum Elite Fighter Belt.

  • Added the following serial quests in Valencia.

    • Players with lever 56 or higher can receive these quests from Barhan Nesser at Sand Grain Bazaar, Digh at Erdal Farm, Momo in Valencia.

  • The details on the “Obtain Miniature Elephant” quest has now been added in the description of the Shakatu's Villa on the world map.

  • Added “Feed for Chicken” in the Knowledge of Process Grinding.



  • Fixed the issue where the Masking Screenshot feature didn't work properly.

    • Pressing [Shift + Ctrl + PrintScreen] takes two screenshots at the same time, one with only the character masked in BW, and the other color-masked.

  • Players can now lock WASD key and rotate the camera when taking a screenshot in Beauty Album and Gallery.

  • Auto-path destinations and cardinal directions will not be displayed in the World Map when player is in the Desert.

  • The Pet icon on the top left now remembers its settings the next time players logs-in.

  • The overall function of Marketplace has been improved.
    -    Added a section where you can check all the items registered in the Marketplace.   

-    Searching items is a lot easier now with this section.

-    Filtering/sorting items are now more intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Now you can check bonus EXP amount in the Bonus EXP Event icon’s tooltip.

  • Players can now check a possible outcome in the Alchemy Stone UI prior to leveling up an alchemy stone.

  • You can now use the Enter key when you search for a Knowledge to delete in the Knowledge Management window.

  • Villages without any Storage no longer display the amount of money you have in the Storage.

  • Some items now display their limitations and time limits in their icons in the Storage.



  • Fixed the issue where the Chat window leaned towards the bottom left when a player reaches level 8 during the tutorial.

  • Now an info window pops up if you press the info button whiling interacting with a crop.

  • Fixed an issue where Player Search didn’t work properly.

  • Fixed the issue where the item upgrade animation was still played even after right-clicking the slot to cancel it.

Edited by CM_Praballo
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Posted (edited)

CM_Praballo TY!!!  :-D


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Posted (edited)

When nouver? September 2017?

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Posted (edited)



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Thanks for ranger awakening! hbd to me!

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Posted (edited)

Where is the Christmas stuff?

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I'm in 

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Posted (edited)


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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE VALKS CRY OR RIOT ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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1 more month for valks!!

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Posted (edited)

Need warrior nerfs still

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NO THORNS?!!!? lol

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In b4 QQs

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i think that idiots forget about Blader existence

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Posted (edited)

Alchemy buff!!! ----- yeah

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damn smooth

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  • Player can now perform Night Crow consecutively in the air. (Up to three consecutive times.

Thank god! Thanks!

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