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What is the general consensus

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Going to start out by stating my gear

x2 Duo witch, Duo mark, ring of monarch, Pri manos ruby, Pri shultz. 

Ideally i would consider full duo including tree belt with ogre ring. Not going for the elitist duo crescent/basilisk etc.

My question towards the warrior community is what realistic balance do other warriors seek with accessories. Asking due to the fact that we can stack our ap to a relative 200+ with a base 150 ap if any warriors consider do acessories. ive seej some warriors that appear to be as tanky as a beserker with high ap regardless. im just curious on am i missing out on something accessory wise or am i with the general warrior player base of going full ap and letting the duo/tri boss armor to sustain a 250+ dp or higher if you are using a nouver/axion. 

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Posted (edited)

With the current balance of AP/DP you should just stack AP. At higher levels your skills give enough accuracy to work fine against players of similar level. If you want to stack more accuracy the best item to get it on is in my opinion a red coral earring and not a tree spirit belt, as the red coral earring has a higher item budget than the witch's earring.

You absolutely can use hybrid accessories, like red coral rings, to boost your tankiness at lower gear levels - however these accessories do not scale as well as other items and the DP gained will be more or less entirely bypassed by any player with a high amount of AP. If you want higher DP you should rather try to TET your armor pieces. If you have limited funds, as a warrior it is an entirely viable idea to TET two pieces of Heve gear while failstacking, and use the Bhegs and Muskans in the last two slots. This combo would be better than running 4x TRI boss gear.


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Completely agree on red coral earrings. They're also relatively easy to get TRI. If you're still not sold on basi belt. TRI Shultz is also easy to get. For now at least get it duo at around 20stackish.

Getting full TRI armor is really just a nice spot to be at. Beyond that your focus should be AP with the occasional tet armor from dumb luck. If your dande, at the very least, is not tet I would not worry about getting your armor tet, especially if it's not boss. Just my theory if you're going to dump that many resources into something it should be endgame. 

Game is a self-check. Once you meet your "quota" and start realizing your only means of gains are from basi/Cres/ogre etc you'll start to re-evaluate. Luckily, accessories tend to sell quite well when the time comes. Or they make great backups when you blow stuff up, or for an alt.

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