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NA TRI-Server PVP Tournament

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Hosted by Blade Boques


Hello! Nov 26th, 27th, 28th, and December 3rd will be the dates to save for the biggest tournament series of Black Desert Online 2016!


I made this into a video to fully explain the tournament

if you'd rather watch and listen than read https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9klUgF-3_Ns


Win limited-edition Pearl Package Bundles.


All tournaments start 9:30PM EST and go as late as 1AM.

Single Elimination.

Zero item restrictions.

Level 57 is required to enter.


Nov 26th is the Orwen Tournament!

Nov 27th is the Uno Tournament!

Nov 28th is the Edan Tournament!


Edan Signups http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/w3usq2Cdcn


Orwen Signups http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/sZCfELig4H


Uno Signups http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/AbVZDTsNQ4


There are 64 spaces for each of these tournaments so get the word out and do not delay if you wish to sign up!


All matches are 1 round until the top 8 remain, those matches are best of 3 fights.


The top 4 qualifiers from each division of the TRI-Server Tournament are entered into the New World Tournament December 3rd!


These 12 competitors will be fighting in best of 5 style format.




Prizes: The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the

New World Tournament will receive the, now retired, 2016 Halloween Pearl Package Bundle! This includes:

  • Ghost Pet

  • Bloody Costume

  • 30 Day Value Pack

  • Horse Skeleton Costume

  • 14 Pieces of Halloween Furniture


This is a code redeemable for the now

unbuyable package given by Black Desert Online that will never expired.



  1. All tournaments will be held on the 2nd Velia Channel of each server so O2, U2, and E2.

  1. The location of the tournament will be the Valencia Arena.

  1. This will be live streamed without delay on Twitch.tv/BladeBoques.

  1. I will need 2 officials from each of the servers to help me keep this moving along at a fast pace.

  1. These officials are required to work with each other, group the competitors of each match and transfer rage at the start.

  1. These officials should have the competitors for the next four matches already grouped to minimize foul play with various group buffs.

  1. When actions prohibit arena matches due to griefing we will change to a location in the desert and have duels between the two fighters.

  1. My officials will invite me to the group of one of these fighters so that the health of both can be viewed on the live stream. They will remove past round competitors and invite the next round for speedy transitions.

  1. All health potions, mana potions, and herbal juice are allowed.

  1. A Maximum time limit of 3 minutes per round is allowed before spectator descending currents from rangers make living increasingly difficult.

  1. All elixirs, including thorns, are allowed.

  1. Thanksgiving buffs, perfumes, whale elixirs, khalk elixirs, whale potions, and khalk potions are allowed.

  1. Pure Black Stones are allowed.

  1. If that wasn’t clear, you can use anything that is legally attainable within the game in any way you chose to win the fight. As long as a second person is not applying buffs.

  1. Use them according to your own choices as fights will not be delayed for cooldown resets.

  1. You may be required to explain each of your buffs to prove they were not generated through partying before fights. Those found using buffs from any person other than themselves are disqualified.

  1. If we are forced out of the arena and guild wars erupt making your fight impossible, ask to be protected by your guild leader. If you are a guild leader and cannot be protected we will do one hidden channel swap for your fight.

  1. I understand no tournament can be perfect and this can be interfered with in various ways, nevertheless I believe it's worth my best effort and the best effort of others to create a very fun and memorable event in this game we love!




We have more than enough people to have this and other amazing events in our community. This entire event will be live streamed on Twitch.tv/BladeBoques and I’d love to have your support in this, even if you cannot compete, by being there either in person in game or on Twitch. As Black Desert Online moves up in the Twitch rankings it becomes more and more appealing to gamers shopping around for their next MMO. Even if you don’t go to my channel please try to find a BDO stream that’s right for you and keep it up to bolster our game on the Twitch rankings. I also want to personally thank each of you for what you have done for me, and therefore the community, so far with views, donations, and subscribing to my channel allowing me the privilege of broadcasting and making guides/tournaments for you full time. If you have questions I can best be reached on Twitter @BladeBoques.


Applying for Tournament Official


I’ll need 6 officials for this, and preferably guild officers or leaders from the server we are fighting on, moderators from reddit, or fellow Twitch streamers as you will likely have a better chance keeping this orderly. It's not required and if you’d like to apply respond in the reddit post briefly why you can do the job. As mentioned before you need to watch the bracket, keep the upcoming next 4 matches worth of fighters in your group and manage rage transfers. Once we get the all clear from both officials and their groups I’ll call to begin the fight. During arena interruptions we will host duels on the east side of Valencia and I’ll need to be grouped with your fighters to watch their healths. Everything else will proceed normally. Let’s have an exceptional tournament series guys!




Q. Why allow all in game items?

  1. Because they are allowable in game.


Q. Why have a level restriction if the idea is allow for any type of competition?

  1. In the future we can have open level tournaments, but we don’t have the time to have that before mergers and L57 will help cut this down to 64 competitors.


Q. Are you okay with others streaming this or do you want to keep it just for your channel?

  1. Of course others can stream it, there will be over 100 fighters competing across all NA for glory, I may be hosting it but it's a community event.


Q. Why isn’t there an EU equivalent before the merge?

  1. What?


Q. Why didn’t you wait until every class has its awakenings to do this?

  1. If you wait for every light to be green on a cross country trip, you’ll never move. Let's get something great going now and do more later.


Q. Can I sign up with multiple fully geared characters?

  1. You can only signup once per person but chose whichever qualified character you want.


Q. Why use the Valencia Arena when its sooo far away!?

  1. It's a beautiful arena in this game, lets take advantage of their great design work for this event!


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yo did ppl get a title for participating? 

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