I've reported this bug before. Please help get it fixed.

By Mtl in Tamer,
I sent in a ticket back during mediah 2 release when I started noticing the bug, all I was told is in the automated email response is that they are looking into the bug. I'm sick of it because its actually gotten worse. I took a 2 month break and now I noticed it works 100% of the time with awakening being added to NA. I reported it again the first day I was back in, it got reported on the 7th of November, my first day back. Zero response so far, re submitting again right after this gets posted.   Please lets get this bug fixed. To replicate, find any class with a Q to hold block, warriors are pretty common I bet your guild has like 20 of em. Tell em to hold block and try grabbing from different angles and follow up with bj spam. All of these bug fixes they applied took ages to get fixed in KR for our class. I'm willing to let the whole community find out about this bug now if it has a chance of getting fixed at all faster.
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