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How I wish you would "fix" the game

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To start of I'd like to say that I love this game even though I haven't gotten to play it as much as I'd like. There are a few reasons for this which I haven't experienced first hand but have constantly heard about and that is BDO's end game. I hear a lot of people lack incentive to PvP / Dislike the idea of PvPing as people who grind a lot more have a huge edge over one who does not. I also know there lacks PvE type encounters who are avid in more popular MMOs like raids and dungeons and so on. Now I realize this probably wouldn't fit the style of BDO but I believe it's worth mentioning. I know that we have world bosses and other forms which I personally love doing myself. Lastly, as we all know; BDO is struggling with a reputation that has made is somewhat notorious in the eyes on MMO fans. Its' pay to win element. I realize that the pay to win isn't central by any means and it's mostly just speeding up grinding yet this can easily scare away many potentially interested people. I wanted to give the BDO devs my two cents on everything, even though I realize they probably have reasons as to why they haven't "fixed" this already and that there probably are problems arising to any solution. Yet I find that these were the absoloute biggest reasons as to why I don't, and many of my friends don't play anymore.

Now how do I suggest we fix these things... 

Firstly I believe we should fix how PvP currently works. I believe you could do so by largely decreasing the impact gear has on your general output (damage, healing) in a player versus player scenario. Let's say in open world. A person who plays 10 hours a day sees a player who plays 2 hours a day. In this scenario I believe you could make it so that the player who plays intensly could have a 2-5% edge over the one who plays more casually. Whilst in a clan war you could make it so that gear can give you a maximum of maybe twice that. Whatever feels the most fair to both the intense player and the casual one. Believe me, here in the west no one wants to grind nearly as much as in the east to stay relevant. Especially not considering how BDOs popularity is declining, making it even less acceptable to be a committing game. I realize the intense players probably will always want to have a huge edge over the casual one but you must stop catering to the 1%, only then may the game flurish. Maybe you could even limit grinding similarly to WoW where you can only get so far by playing so much. It is entirely up to you how you wish to implement this and still make it feel like Black Desert. ~I have no clue how to do it.

Secondly PvE. I believe you should try to make the end game more centered around PvP as well, maybe have a consistent way of earning gear and rewards through fun encounters. World of Warcraft is currently doing this through a system where you have to beat the clock in "Mythic+". Basicly the idea is you beat a difficult dungeon on a certain tmie which has an increased difficult for every level and you inturn get rewards. If you beat it quick enough you may get even more rewards and the "key" you use to upgrade the dungeon difficulty (and by so rewards also) is upgraded by one level. This is probably the best attempt anyone has made so far at non-raiding PvE alternatives. I believe it would be great if you tried implementing it. 

Thirdly. I believe you should completely get rid of any Pay to Win element remaining. Even the tiniest p2w element will kill your reputation, even if it really is barely a convenience the ignorant average Joe who looks at the game and sees P2W has huuuuge chance of instantly disliking the game and not giving it another chance. Obviously you need to make money somehow without a subscription, (and trust me I truely like the idea of no subscription! I believe it also will be worse for the players if you do get a sub system). I think you should try a VIP system similar to a lot of other Asian MMOs where you get small perks like bag space, lower prices on items and experience gain by paying once a month. I believe this would earn you a LOT more money than any sort of p2w item, and would also remove your p2w reputation entirely.

If you made it this far down I'd like to thank you for reading and listening! ^^ If anyone has any suggestions as to why I am wrong, or how my ideas could be improved I'd love to hear it.

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