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suggestions Reasonable Trade System

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I have an idea for a balanced trading system that allows for better player interaction, without ruining or inflating the economy, while still adding reasonable uses.

If a trading system were to be implimented, i think we can all agree that it should not inflate the economy, or allow monopoly over any existing system in the game, but add incentive to use the market over it, while also adding incentive for players to work together.

For starters this system should only be usable in safe zones containing a market.  The player trading the item may trade it for free, or for any price at or below max market value, but if its traded below max market value, the item becomes untradable until the remainder is paid to a specified npc. This creates an incentive for the player to use the market over the trading system, and makes it so this system does not create useless items, it also allows players to trade items and "pass the buck" so to speak (This does make the items essentially useless for the market, as youd be giving away an item, and getting no return. But, if an item you were previously traded is useless to you, and was specified and not available on the market, you could pay full value to give the item to another player you are currently playing with. Keep in mind this also creates a cash sink, where one player will have to pay for the item either way). If an item is not available on the market, it forces people who really want an item to pay whatever (within market value or below) what the player wants, assumably higher due to its availablility. The last balance this system should have is a daily limit on item trading, depending on what the developers think best for the economy, assumably based on the items use and price. and you should be limited on daily traded items total, and daily traded items per type. Also, for those wondering, i dont think tradable and untradable items should stack, also, the untradable items should be used first in crafting recepies when available.


In order to maintain immersion this system should use terms for the items like (Unappraised), and the npc should be an Appraisal npc, or something of the sort, as items in real life auctions are regularly appraised. This of course ignores the fact that the price is that of the max market value (since the system would be a mere convenience, it should not affect the inlflation of the market by allowing one to flip items) after all, this is a game, and this game cannot afford to inflate its economy, its been the downfall of virtually every mmo, and im sure many of us wish to enjoy it for many years to come.

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