CBT2 Patch Notes

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Closed Beta Test 2 – Patch Notes   If you have not downloaded the CBT-2 Client yet, you can download it at your ACCOUNT page.   Game System Localization Voice Over have been added Revamped cinematic intro has been added incl. the voice of Tay Zonday Updated localizations for EN, FR, and DE Adjusted reward for the achievement of reaching level 45: Full Skill Reset
(this item will expire after a short time, so make sure to use it in time; Cash Item version will not expire) Playable Classes Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Valkyrie, Tamer, Wizard, Witch Advanced Chat Filtering added. International, English, France, German Channels can be chosen for chatting Once you set a language, you will only be able to read/chat with users that have the same language set  only affects the Channel Chat! Server Configuration For CBT-2 we will feature a total of 4 servers; 2 for NA and 2 for EU. Each server will have a total of 10 possible channels, with 4 enabled by default with 6 to serve as overflow as needed.
  Cash Shop & Loyalty Exchange Rate EUR/USD -> DaumCash -> Pearls  EUR/USDDaumCashPearls10.00 EUR/USD1,0001,00020.00 EUR/USD2,0002,04030.00 EUR/USD3,0003,20060.00 EUR/USD6,0006,600100.00 EUR/USD10,00011,500   
Dye Customization Inventory, Weight Storage Pet Related Horse Equipment Horse Related Items Furniture & Housing Functional Costumes Accessories Loyalty   Gameplay Level Cap The level cap has been increased from 50 to 55. You will still be able to gain additional skill points once you have reached the level cap.

  PvP PvP is enabled from level 45 onward. Guild Wars Guilds can declare up to 6 wars at a time. Guild War declaration costs 200,000 silver. Guild Wars will not have an upkeep cost. Karma Penalties increase based on your Karma range as follows. 300,000 to 150,000 150,000 to 0 0 to -500,000 -500,000 to -1,000,000 Penalties for PvE deaths. Crystal Breaking Losing Enchant levels of equipped items when you have negative karma. Experience Loss Penalties for PvP deaths. Increased risk of crystals breaking. Experience Loss. Penalties for death in general. Guards may attack you in towns when you have negative karma. Random respawn locations when you have negative karma to prevent low karma players from being repetitively killed/camped. Durability Loss Attacking a player who has positive karma will cost you 3,000 karma. Killing a player who has positive karma will cost you 60,000 karma. Attacking a player who has negative karma will cost you 0 karma. Killing a player who has negative karma will cost you 0 karma. Maximum karma is 300,000.   Known Issues Game Minor visual issue with helmets when choosing bald haircutName Reservation is not applied to the CBT2Please report all game issues >here<
  Loca Missing or false allocated text in all languagesCash Shop Item descriptions are not fully translated in DE/FRUI Textcuts/Overlapping Text mainly DE/FRPlease report all text issues >here<
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