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Undeccable Guilds

52 posts in this topic


My two cents on the topic:

1. Go back to cod if you want to kill people that badly

2. Not all guilds are playing bdo for the pvp of bdo, hell a LOT of people are playing the game not for the pvp aspect.


I don't participate in node wars with my guild, I don't pvp either, nor do I do anything that involves killing other players or "taking over grind spots"

Some people and guilds just play the game to have fun, role-play, chat, do other stuff aside from pvp.

No one "owns" grind spots, the same way you don't own a parking space in front of your house, they're open to everyone to use.

But I do have to agree that some people (got knows why) enjoy a good bit of pvp. And for those people I'd say that we'd need special channels to accommodate their enjoyment.

Something like balenos and calpheon being roleplay channels, and thus disabling pvp completely (unless manually accepting a duel/pvp arenas) and channels like calpheon being pvp/pk only channels that don't affect your karma but have increased exp.

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The victim should never loose anything that's absolutely stupid, there are already enough entitles assholes running around PK'ing people for little to no reason, i agree they should be punished harder, if your going to be a criminal you should have to be dealt with like a criminal, and be ready for the consequences of it, instead of whining. "Oh no the person i wrongfully killed because i am an A** hole with issues dose not loose anything!"


Karma bombing is the only way for smaller guilds, and guild less people to even defend themselves, Now im not saying its right to jump into someone grind and then if your killed karma bomb them that's stupid, but if I am grinding and some over geared ass hat comes along and decides to grief me and screw me over, The only thing i can do is karma bomb, if your going to be an asshole then deal with the consequences of being an asshole? 

And imo again the smaller guilds should not be Declarable because lets face it its just more over powered assholes wanting to be able to grief smaller guilds without loosing karma, they need to do something about the griefing.

I absolutely love the IDEA of open world pvp but as it is now with it being gear deopendant and the penalties being screwed, its kind of screwed in BDO, imo.

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