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Trade Item Bulk Sale Profit Calculator

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Posted (edited)

Link to the google doc

After selling a couple thousand calpheon timber crates I wanted to get some exact numbers on how much I was potentially losing from market value depreciation from each crate sold. I spent a couple hours gathering data to derive the (near) exact values for the calculation of a trade item's sale value and how much it decreases with each item sold.

The major findings of the research are that:

  • Distance bonus is not a whole number in %, and for Trent to Valencia is closer to 99.84% distance bonus. 
  • Each trade item sold decreases the value of the next item by 0.27% of market value. The highest it can reach is exactly 130% naturally excluding boom nodes, and a floor of exactly 80%, only reachable by mass sales by players.
  • The master buff is an exact 1.5 multiplier to value.
  • The full equation for crate value is

Crate Value=Base × Distance Bonus × Market % × (1.05+Trade Level*0.05) × Master 2 Buff

The chart values for silver per batch of items sold is not 100% accurate, but a batch of 60 calpheon timber crates for me was off by less than 200 silver out of 14.6 million comparing the calculated value to in game silver, which I think is close enough.

I settled on 60 crates for my batch of 2300 because that was approximately 1 million silver lost per batch of 60 compared to selling every single crate at the full 130% market value, which would have taken absolutely forever. 

Save a copy of the document for your own if you want to make lots of edits. 
I don't know know how to do some of the fancier chart editing to make this a more functional document so if someone wants to make a copy, spruce it up and leave a link in the comments for people to view.

Edited by Falkyn
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Posted (edited)

Good stuff. Would you provide your testing data aswell please.

I've done similar work and come up with slightly different numbers. Maybe the devaluation is different depending on the crate type, I did test some of the metal crate. Despite roundings, i've noticed a very light trend with the devaluation, i.e. you lose more market value the more you sell.

Within the first 10 items, I lost 0.21% market value per sold item on average. Where on the items #90-100, I lost 0.2574% market value per sold item on average.

Please note, I only did one test on one distance and one crate type.

I just noticed, you base your 0.27% devaluation on a fixed value (the base crate price), where I was looking at the value loss regarding the previous market value. This explains the differences.


Edited by lavalava

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I've added the raw data as a separate sheet and removed an extraneous column.

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Can someone please explain to me why they locked such a huge buff behind Master 2 instead of steadily increasing gains across all the levels?

Like... c'mon man. >.<

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