[Ninja with Awakening] Losing the Double Jump & Shadow Slash does not make sense. Less agility...

By Lobo Necrodes in Ninja,
The Ninja class should be the fastest and most agile with a difference (although in this game even an 80-year-old mage is agile '), and should gain even more speed and agility with his Awakening. Awakening should empower the Classes to their maximum capacity, to make them a "professional class". What is the point, then, that the Ninja Class miss the double jump with their Awakening Weapon, how important is that double jump? No sense at all ... Less sense yet, because when you have the Awakening sheathed, you do have a double jump, but when you get a katana, you lose it. It's ridiculous... The Ninja needs that double jump with his Awakening Weapon, imperatively.   P.S: As a final reflection ... the game is becoming more and more empty, and even have been forced to unite all the Servers so that it seems that there are more people playing Black Desert.
The problems that Black Desert has are very simple, but they are not listening to their users; At least it is not Europe and North America. Perhaps in Asia they love that all classes are almost as agile, they may love to kill hundreds of thousands of nonsense enemies, and you may like to see colorful lights everywhere; But they must understand one thing .... "THIS IS NOT ASIA".
Here we liked the game as it was in CBT1 and CBT2 in Korea. A more leisurely fight, where the Warriors were slow and the Sorcerers were quick. There must be a big difference between one class and another for your class to really like and identify with it. If you choose a class, you have to accept that class with its good things and its bad things, it does not serve that everyone put mobility because there are classes that should have 10% of the mobility that others have.
We also prefer a complete, complex and deep story missions system. We do not like being 8 hours a day killing and killing non-stop and meaningless.
Neither do we like colorful lights everywhere, we do not like an enemy to shine every time we hit him with the sword, and we do not like to see a lot of gada lights instead we just move the sword through the air ... We understand That a Wizard / Witch or Sorcerer must have visual references to their magical powers (although they should have less), but not a Warrior, Berserker or Ninja. These classes should give normal blows, without so many colored lights ... And last and most important, TRANSLATE THE GAME TO SPANISH. Imagine that this game had not been created by Pearl Abyss, imagine that a Romanian company had created it. Would you like to play Black Desert in Romanian in Asia? No, right ...? Well here we do not like to play Black Desert in English; For us it is the same
They have 2 options.
1. Continue without listening to your community and end up being another generic MMORPG that came to nothing, but with nice graphics.
2. Do things well and triumph over World of Warcraft ... You choose. They have already seen that as they go so far, all they are doing is losing users ... We have been asking for changes for almost 1 year, they start to listen to their community, or they are going to be completely alone.
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