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[NA] The Wolves Guild

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The purpose behind 'The Wolves' is as shown. We are a Role Playing, PvE, PvP focused guild. All in the means of casual fun and enjoyment of the game.


Role Play...

In character the Wolves are developed and led by Aizen "Snow" Mitarius and his betrothed. The purpose behind it all was to phase out of his previous life as a bandit leader in Mediah(Since the release of Musa/Maewha Snow had been a bandit). Through many nights of thought and planning Snow had come to realization that even if he were to retire from his notorious deeds he would still wish to stand by his blade on daily basis.

Beast-slaying was this option as it would provide not only a service to those among the many territories, but to actually build a more positive name for himself and his growing daughter. Understanding that he'd need to gather more people, Snow, has opened his mind to recruitment into the circle of his ranks. 

Placing up the vague flyers as above noted with writing to direct the aspiring or experienced individual to Calpheon at the office located on the 2nd floor, door number 3-4 residing within the Merchant district. Additional information providing that the location of Rainnell & Snow Mitarius outside of the office can get the 'recruitment' process began.



Alright! So in-game? Not a role-player or you are one that enjoys both role-playing and playing what BDO was primarily created for? I'm the second of the two and enjoy each greatly and understand that sometimes I like to get out and just play!

Grind parties? I'm always going to Crescents now-a-days, I'll even help you level anywhere else! Want to go kill World Bosses? Sure! Scrolls? I do them every week and will accept anyone to come along! Want to go on a hunting trip? Definitely! Want to do Node Wars? We can!.. However admittingly I'd be quite new to the Node Wars events I'm no where new to PvP as I play in the arena on average with mostly TRI gear.

This guild is meant to have fun, make new friends, and spend time away from the real world we live in! Getting into the Wolves outside of RP is much easier to do in fact really encouraged!

I will be placing contact information at the end of the post so we can come in contact and make you a Wolf today!


Contact Information

To contact me for any purpose

Discord: MrReverence#9486

InGame: Reverent(SnowMitarius); in case you can not locate me... Castlefort(Rainnell)

Home Channel: NA_Calpheon2

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