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Turning a Quick profit.

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So you've been playing BDO a couple of weeks now and you're wondering "Just how do I make enough silver to keep up with stuff?"

Well here's a quick way to turn your Contribution and energy into Silver using the simplest cooking and alchemy recipes!

First things first, you want the following:

-A House in Veila or Heidel (having both is useful)

-About 3 rank 1 Storage houses

-Plenty of Lodgings for workers (I tend to work out of Heidel as there is much more lodging space) You want enough to have 8-10 workers

-The following nodes invested in

Toscani Farm

Loggia Farm

Baralli Farm

Flinto Farm

Ehwaz Hill to path to Cron Castle Site

Cron Castle Site

Lynch farm ruins

Moretti Plantation

Heidel Pass and Northern Guard camp to link Heidel and Veilas trade route allowing you to freely move your workers.


Later on you can branch out to Casta Farm and down through to Berniatto farm if you so wish it but it's not neccessary.


So you want to invest in Poultry farming, wheat/potato/corn gathering, silver azaelia gathering and sunrise herb gathering.


What you'll be working on:


Boiled eggs for imperial cooking

Clear Liquid Reagent and Pure Powder Reagent.

Just sell the chicken meat, nobody buys it and the recipes are not lucrative.


Beer Recipe: 6 water, 2 leavening agent, 1 sugar, 5 potato/wheat/corn/barley

Boiled Eggs Recipe: 6 water, 3 eggs, 1 salt, 1 cooking wine, use L to pack 20 using imperial packaging to turn into the imperial crafting vendor

Pure Powder Reagent Recipe: 1 Silver Azaelea, 1 Sugar, 1 Weed, 1 Purified Water. You can water from the river next to the heidel vendor using bottles (sold at the vendors for 50 silver each) then using L, go to thinning and turn the water you gathered into purified water. Weeds are gathered by hand from just gathering from the bushes dotted around town, there's plenty of them.

Clear Liquid Reagent: 1 Sunrise herb, 1 Salt, 1 Weed, 1 Purified Water.


Now you've got your mini empire established it's time to turn a profit.

Sell Beer, Pure Powder and Clear liquid on the market place, they tend to get snapped up quite quickly meaning you don't have to wait very long for your profits to start rolling in (Do make sure to keep enough beer to keep your own workers going however, if they run out of energy they will stop working and won't go back until you top it off)

Eggs, pack them and turn them into the Imperial tradeskill vendor, there's 1 stood north of the heidel storage.


Using this method, I can easily make 3 million an hour, it's no sausans but if you're worried about your gear and getting PK'ed and are not a fan of AFK fishing, this is an extremely easy and hassle free way to generate silver, of which your profit margin will increase as you start to branch out into other things (crafting sute tea for instance is a big money spinner)

Hope this helps some of you struggling somewhat with establishing yourself and best of luck!

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You've putted so much work into this.. At least it helped me with the alchemy part :D 

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Or use the Pure Liquid and Powder for Imperial Alchemy: 20 of each makes one package.

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Thanks after reading this post it somewhat pushed me to actually do alchemy.

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Add this recipe: Elixir of mentality.

You need 1 pure liquid reagent, 3 purified water, 5 ash sap and 3 MP potion (small) http://bddatabase.net/us/recipe/24/

If you are skilled in alchemy you can make crates similar to the boiled egg ones to earn even more.

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