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| Midnight Massacre | Semi-Competitive PvP | Chill Environment | PvE Friendly

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Basic Info

Main Channel: Serendia 3

Timezone: EST +/- 3 hours

Focus: Casual PvP and Guild PvE activities

Discord: https://discord.gg/JSWe4P 



Under the light of the moon, darkness rises, as the monsters and corrupted creatures crawl out the abyss and into our world another force lingers. Paid in the blood of the innocent and the weak these assassins devote their very existence to the suffering of humanity. Many warlords and dignitaries secretly pay for their protection in fear of retaliation if their contract is revoked. Their name is known from across the land for the gruesome rituals the cult-like guild partakes in. Once every half moon cycle this guild partakes in their night hunt, in packs of five just like wolves, they devour the night and all who dare to cross their path when the moon shines bright. Any experienced traveler knows, never tread under the light of the moon or risk the fate of your flesh ripped from your soul.



Here at Midnight Massacre we focus on a chill and semi-competitive PvP environment. We also do weekly scrolls and have plans for GvG, nodes and Guild scrolls in the future. One special activity the background hinted on is our midnight hunts, as our name says we will do biweekly pvp hunts in select areas for fun and to bond as a guild together. We don't expect everyone to be great at PvP, but as they grow as a character, in turn their experience with how the characters mechanics work. Our atmosphere is to be a fun and friendly environment for our guild members, we don't expect everyone to like everything, so we don't force our members to partake in every event but we expect every member to be active and social.



We aspect every member to be active and help when they can, stats and level requirements will change as our guild grows but having around 180 GS score (90 ap / 90dp) will allow you to do most of the basic activities other than PvP if you are a newer player to BDO. Discord will be necessary to join, to keep track of guild news and create a place for us to socialize outside of BDO. Mic is not necessary for all members but it is recommend if you plan to take part in any of the PvP elements we partake as a guild. We classify as a dark guild so dressing in darker clothing is recommend or pretty much anything that seems menacing or allows you to be hidden. Our policy for inactivity is simple, if your gone for more than 2-4 weeks without notice we will consider you inactive and remove you. If you plan on returning just message us and we can work something out on your return.


How to Apply

Sent a PM to Eleanor or Ingame @Tenebris Family with the following information:

- IGN, Main Character, Focus in BDO (PvP, life skills, PvE, RP, etc), GS or AP & DP, LvL of Main and A little about yourself

If you fit for the guild you will be asked to chat for a bit either on discord or in game depending on who is available at the time.


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