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Dancing with your kuno

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    Not surprisingly the chakram is primarily designed for dancing. Using it as a weapon follows the exact same pattern: you have to dance around your opponent.

We have three kind of attacks: the pure contact, the distance ones and the gap closers.


pure contact :

-half moon slash : nice mana regeneration when off cooldown + spamable

-lethal spin spree : great damage and HP regen, long CD

-sah spree of sonan : not used, but can be a gap filler with HP regen when your opponent is under CC + spamable

-sah chakram training : useless, but engaging with jump->sah chakram training while in air give floating to unaware target + spamable

-flow : chakram rise : buff DP + mana regen

-flow : wrath : locks you in place unprotected and slow, long CD

-flow : indignation : frontal guard and knockdown but no damage, long CD

-halo : efficient only if you have enough accuracy + frontal block


distance :

-lunatic discus : good damage + frontal block, long CD

-chain crash : nice damage + super armor, long CD

-delight blast : very good damage + nice range + can work with "fire and forget", which is using the skill and engaging other target before the skill hits


gap closer :

-dance macabre : great damage + long range + iframe, long CD

-lunar dash : forward block + mana regen + spamable

-ghost step : nearly spamable and spammed. most of our mobility comes from this skill.


    Now, the fun part. When you are dancing, you have to use the all given space, vary your moves and be fluid. We reflect this by a pattern in our attacks that never changes : distance -> gap closer -> contact -> disengage . Furthermore, we are a kinda bursty class, with quite long CD. That means that we use primarily our skills with the longer CD first, then the others, then the fillers / spamable ones. If used correctly, we can be nearly forever fighting without pause. Moreover, when a long CD skill goes off-CD, don't hesitate to use it ASAP. The last part, disengaging, done with ghost step, is our time to get back to a better spot to hit.  

We can do some variations on the patten given. Here are the most common ones :

-harass : distance -> wait -> distance : used to test an opponent without taking any risk

-semi all contact : gap closer -> contact -> distance -> disengage : very common.

-all contact : gap closer -> contact -> distance while in contact / others combinations of this. : basically a spam without disengaging. Powerful in 1v1 when your opponent is under CC

-rollface: rftgybhuygrftdehynujiknhbgfed : when you have no clue of what to do

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Don't forget to include pre-awakening skills into your rotation. If you are doing large scale fights or small scale 1vX Situations, in which every CC means certain death, you need to always keep the super armor chain up and after a disengage you may have to lose multiple enemies. 
One way to accomplish this would of course be our sneaky invis skill, which on its own is not really viable. You have to get away from the fight to either use it from your awakening or pre-awakening form(far better to use, because of the smoke screen cancel). The tool i found best for this would be: Block Jump(to get out of the area everyone will aim their CCs at) -> Jumping in the back of someone disconnected or at the edge of the fight -> Use Tendon Cutter(with changing the camera angle) to get objects between you and enemies or simply put distance between you and them. At this point you are either dead, because of high damage AoE skills, or at a good position to finally get away. 

I think Ghost Step is not a good tool to disengage and shouldn't be overused for mobility. You can still get CCd with the right timing, which wouldn't happen with tendon cutter and while you can chose to wait certain CCs out in Block Jump.

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