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BDO - One Month Later

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Posted (edited)

Hi All, This is a post to give some feedback of my impressions of the game after my first month in. Dont know who will read it, but hey.

I'd like to thankyou Pearl Abyss for bringing this game to the EU, and for the work and improvements that have been put into the game so far. 

(If you dont wanna read the wall of text theres a quick point by point shortlist at the bottom.)

First Impressions

When i first joined the game, i couldnt help but feel completely overwhelmed, After being pleasantly suprised at the level of detail of the character creator, and slightly annoyed at the gender locking of some classes (i mean who wouldnt want a warlock alternative to the sorceress?) I proceeded to jump into Olivia and and was instantly assulted with a myriad of popup messages and flashy screens. After spending some time fighting testing out some classes, and ignoring the popups, i made my way to the settings to turn things off, change the graphcis to max, and rearrange and simplify the UI - "AAAaaaaaah" sigh of relief, now i felt ready to tackle the game. I proceeded to enjoy the most beautiful views and vistas in an MMO i have seen, The included screensaver is wonderful, and the included shader options is a big big plus.

(developers: maybe think about simplyfying UI from the start and disabling popups etc - Ive had three friends drop the game before even trying because of the extra stuff, 1 came back after i spent some time explaining it. 

+wonderful level of control over minimap, settings overall, ui customisation. 
+Looks Gorgeous, beatitful scenery
+Included wonderful shaders and screensavers
- overwhelming UI at first, good amount of settings, (could add a few more settings for minimalists) 
- lack of quests for understanding UI and Quest Journal (settings) 

Combat and Controls

At first i was pleasantly suprised by the smoothness and responsiveness of the combat, even with the basic first level moves, it was slighly more enjoyable than most online titles ive played, and once i got my warrior leveled to 20 (which did not take long at all) i was really impressed. For me, personally, This combat is one of the best ive played. Reaching level 50 I was pleasantly suprised to find the extra customised skills, the amount of earnable Skillpoints, and the general fun that the combat entails even after hours of grinding, on the same character, (this usually gets boring quickly for me). I short, Well done guys, sure there are a few tweaks i would have done to dodgeing etc. but overall this is a wonderful change of pace. 

+ Great combat, and responiveness, and very good set up of flow between moves, makes combat fun to get into.
+ Good overall paceing, its nice to reach level 50 and get into the flow of the game easily, before starting the grind. 
- Slighly too EASY combat in the begining, the lack of challange makes the first few skills feel a lil to easy to learn, and you can easily miss their importance, 
- would have prefered to learn new skills from several trainers (Quests for each new move, and tests on straw dummies before you can use them - for immersion only)

Overall Gameplay/Depth

In short there is a lot of openness in this game, a lot of freedom to pay the way you want, which for me is great, early gameplay gives a very quick impression that the game is huge, from the fun way to catch horses, to the annoyingly timed fishing and easy to use auto fishing - there is both a sense of depth, and a sense of easy and conviniance, Trading is a wonderful addition and the lack of teleportation is absolutly wonderful change of pace, making you think a lil bit more before moving onto another area. The energy and contribution point systems are a change from most mmos, and i find it works well, is fun and more immersive because of its complexity. Good on you for not dumbing down the game any further, and thankyou for thinking about alts and sharing of CP and ENERGY. 

The marketplace and way to trade is a system im undecided on, on the one hand it works ok with the bidding (though it is SUPER annoying to have to roll luck on trading as well as itemisation, though it adds a tad of longevity, (though that can get old in long term). its also a shame i cannot trade with my friends and give them some base level weapons, although it is kinda nice to not have to "play the game" for my friends or family members. 

Enchanting, Equipment and customisation

This here is interesting, I know most asian MMO's have a similar system, and i quite enjoy it when it doesnt go to stupid levels of enchanting to upgrade, I would have liked the requirement to use an anvil, and a much higher chance of upgradeing, traded for extra animation time, and a Crafting minigame to upgrade (haveing to heat metal, etc) again this is just for immersion. It does feel a lil wierd to whack out my sword in the middle of the jungle and smash a black stone into it to enchant. I vote for the blacksmith profession/minigame. 

On the other hand, I love that we can start with any weapon at base level and upgrade it as we go along our journey, and i love that these can later be sold to other players, to recover costs etc. I hope that does not change. I also love the armor can be shared accross family members. (although for immersion a small cost for "refitting armor" could be added, as an extra resource. (maybe even allow this to change costumes between classes). I do emjoy socketing crystals into gear, but wonder, where is the gear with 3 sockets as the UI shows us? upcoming update or something ive missed? 

As for player customisation, visually, theres not that much to go for, anything interesting needs to be bought with pearls, and while some of the ingame options are good, there are very slim pickings, I do very much feel that there needs to be more in game options, each class needs to hae several more costume options (IMO) and each already existing gear i hope will be able to moved to costumes in game rather than pearl shop. including weapons and armor and what not. in this regard BDO falls behind all other MMO's ive played, and it makes the game feel very flat end game unless you want to spend real world money. 
My thought, raise the base cost of game to 20 euro. (well worth it) 
add much more costumes, and lower prices to 10 euro for a full set, I would easily spend 100 euro a month on game, if there were options at better price point, sometimes lower costs per item lead to more sales and much higher income, give it regular tries over holiday seasons and see what happens guys? 

The sets themselves, while good, I would definatly like to see some more interesting optins for set gear, as seen in many other games, (diablo III comes to mind - in my opinion industry best for adding interesting mechanics to classes) this could add more diversity between classes in general. right now it feels like the goal end game is to be the same gear as everyone else, with very little variation of any kind. This stagnates and bores people in the long run. and end game, evolving and enhancing customisation would definatly add to longevity and (in my opinion) and increase in revenue.) GW2 is by far the overall best balance on cashshop etc that ive seen to date, even if their prices also could use adjustment in some cases. 


Despite the aforementioned itemisation and cash shop problems, This is the game i will play for the foreseable future. It is hitting so many right points, and i have seen a good quality thus far on improvements. 

+ gorgeous graphics
+ incredible environments and vistas, wonderful textures. 
+ very enjoyable and varied combat
+ wonderful amount of quests and repeatable quest
+ Not dumbed down systems
+ Many varied life style options beyond combat to earn money and progress
+ Horse training + Worker training, Horse armor, interesting crafting system. 
+ large wonderful world
+ Multiple housing options. 
+ some really wonderful cashshop armors and horse armors. 

- completely overwhelming first impression. 
- Overpriced cashshop with some items not having in game alternatives for must have mechanics. 
- a suprising amount of hidden stats. 
- graphics popping in, still needs fixes.
- Voice acting is sub par, (would love an option for japanese or original korean soundtracks in the english client! big fan of the languages) (i would pay seperatly for this)
- Lack of visual customisation at high levels, and no helmet visual in game for standard gear(why??) needs heavy improvement. no in game skins for weapons?
- No in game pet captureing (allow us to capture dogs, cats, wolves, in game?)
- Very heavy genderlocking for several classes (drawback for many of my eurofriends)


This is a personal list of thigns i'd like to see as Black desert continues. 

* lower cash shop prices
* in game pet taming (of wildlife already in game, ducks, cats, dogs, wolves) to extand horse training to creature training. 
* Flying mounts (yes i know, but i would love this to just fly over the world, and view things, I would also not mind flying combat if done right - sense of power and freedom is wonderful) 
* taming drakes and other such things. 
* Cash shop item to have more than 5 residences. 
* some kind of tradeing with individual characters/friends for items? maybe... 
* many more in game sets of armor/weapon skins for each class, with refitting requirement to share with other classes. 
* more interesting gear sets
* Open choice of weapon options, rather than picking weapons during character creating, pick a sex and race, then have each weapon style learnable in game
  (alternativly create switchable weapons styles as a cash shop item) i know this is likely never going to happen, its just a dream for me. 
* more mount options.

Anyways, I look forwards to playing more, and thankyou for a wonderful enjoyable game! dont read to much into my critiques, they are just ideas i would personally like to see. 

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I am sorry I am too lazy to read this right now and I am not gonna be able to affect it anyways, but thank you very much for putting the effort to formate it nicely.

Most of the things you wish for were already suggested many times, most of them propably wont happen, or atleast not in near future. Also - Pegasus mount was released on KR, not exactly flying, but gliding.


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you can buy costumes really cheap from the market for silver.

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