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Game "Not Responding" and constant freezes

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Hello there, I hope anyone had similar experiences and maybe someone can help me out here.
I played the game in beta and at launch until late March. Back then everything went perfectly fine and I had no issues with the game (even at launch when everyone was at the same area near Olvia trying to kill the damn trolls). A few days ago I decided to jump back in but the game simply runs like shit. My computer hasn't changed much, so I really don't know what the problem here is. Even with the lowest graphic settings the game simply freezes every few minutes for quite a while and the game window says it's "not responding". It's not just simple lagging but a complete freeze for at least 30 second to 2 minutes. I tried to search for fixes online, but couldn't find much. I disabled my Firewall and tried this and that, but it just won't stop the game from freezing every few minutes. 
I am not a very computer savvy person, so I can't say if the problem lies on my end, but seeing that I don't have these problems on other games (for example I play Overwatch), I run out of ideas what the probleme here might be. The game world got much bigger since March, but could this be the sole reason? This btw also happens when basically zero players are around, not in big cities etc.

Did anyone experience similar issues and find a solution? I would be happy for any help or guidance. 

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Posted (edited)



I'm relatively tech savvy, and I have this same issue. I played during beta, no issues, I played last July, no issues, I jumped back in a few days ago, and now I have the same problem! I get a freeze every 5-10 minutes or so, sometimes more frequent than others. When I check task manager, it seems like this game is using VERY high percentages of my DISK, but everything else seems relatively normal. 


I have an Asus ROG Laptop




Intel I7 quad core 3.5GHz

64 bit OS



I've checked for updates on drivers, I have very low disk usage normally, I play ARK on max settings, EQ2 on max settings, Skyrim on max settings, and several other games on the max settings (those being the most demanding that I know of off the top of my head). Like I said, this wasn't there in March or in July...


I've tried:

Safe Mode, shut down ALL startup services, even shut down my VPN. Stopped superfetching, stopped search indexing, ran chkdsk /f /r and no issues there...I defragmented my 2% fragmented disk..still getting the same issue. I've reduced graphics to the low/optimization setting and still, the issue persists.


I tried looking into it and saw some users have issues with installs on their SSD, however, I installed BDO on my HDD..I checked log files, after 6 days of playing for 4-7 hours a day, I had less than half a GB worth of log files for BDO, nevertheless, I deleted them still. I've not had ANY luck, and I'm not seeing anything that stands out and highlights WHY I'm having issues now.




So here's the solution, at some point in time, the cache for my character, the world, my user, SOMETHING had been written poorly. What you'll want to do is locate the Black Desert Online file, and safely remove your "Cache" folder.


My recommendation, DON'T DELETE THIS FOLDER YET. First, just drag/drop the folder to your desktop, relaunch the game, see if the issue persists. If the problem goes away, trash your cache folder, and move on, if the problem DOESN'T go away, I recommend replacing that cache folder for now. Just to be safe.


Step 1. Close the game AND the launcher.

Step 2. Locate Black Dessert Online in your file explorer (C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online

Step 3. Within the Black Desert Online file, locate the "Cache" folder and drag it to your desktop (DO NOT CREATE A COPY, just totally remove it out of the Black Desert Online Folder for now).

Step 4. Relaunch BDO, once your game launches, and you log into your character for the first time, it will rebuild the cache folder from the ground up, and if your issue was a poorly written cache, then your freezing and crashing will be gone for good!

Step 5. Delete the "Cache" folder from your desktop


Step 6. I recommend putting that folder back and trying something else..OR a complete and uninterrupted reinstall of the game. 

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Issue Solved
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Posted (edited)

Thanks a lot for your help!! Unfortunately it didn't work. But I am grateful for your help. I'll try to completely re-install the game and hope for the best.

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