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[EU] <ShadowElite> PvP and Fun!

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ShadowElite is looking for good people to join our family.

About us:

We originated on Croxus during the pre-release phase and have been a stable and well run guild ever since. We are currently focused on medium scale pvp with a quality over quantity mentality. ShadowElite maintains a very friendly guild atmosphere and make members feel welcome and part of our community. We do not tolerate elitism, childish behaviour or any form of negative attitude toward fellow guildmates.


What makes us different from the other guilds:

First and foremost the atmosphere in our guild. We strike a balance between taking certain aspects of the game very seriously and other times just having a laugh. If you take your imaginary internet castles super seriously then we are not the guild for you. However, if you strive for improvement, appreciate good organisation and at the same time are friendly, have a great sense of humour and like to have fun, then we may be exactly what you are looking for.


What we look for in our recruits:

We only recruit lvl 59 and above. Our AP/DP guidelines are around the 470 combined mark but do make exceptions. We have a short chat in-game to make sure neither of us are wasting each others time, then have an arena test to make sure you know which is the pointy end. If all goes well then we progress to an interview on teamspeak to make sure you have the sort of attitude and personality that will fit in well with us.


What members can expect from us:

We show all guild members respect and treat everyone equally. We run between 2 to 4 node wars each week, where we focus on getting good fights not just taking nodes. Each week we have a guild meeting and guild boss event, which brings our community together and gives an opportunity for members to voice any concerns and find out our plans for the coming week. We also run trainings where we work on group tactics or individual pvp skills.

Every night we pop a guild exp skill so you benefit from 10% extra exp per night-time.



How can you apply?

We like to keep stuff simple and don't overcomplicate things. If you would like to apply simply PM one of the following people in-game or message me on the forums:  Xenocrat, Risava or Guide.






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Have a few spots open for the right people!

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