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By Maelvogar in Guild Recruitment,
  <Cynical>  Cynical is an active PK and Node War clan, seeking active PvPers and PKers to enlist our ranks. Contact in game Garken/Eravin/Big_Vis/Tiny_Bees/Ontor/Nahta or message on forums for voice interview options.   Requirements 400 AP/DP Gearscore Focused on progression and PvP Able to show up and attend node wars and open world pvp Able to be active and involved on voice comms Able to listen and follow in a group setting of organized PvP   # rules  1. Cynical has high expectations placed upon each and every member - every one of you will be representing our guild. That being said there is a **ZERO** tolerance for any hacking, cheating, or exploiting. If caught the action taken will be immediate removal of the guild.  2. As a PvP guild everyone doesn't have to like one another, but they do have to work together and get along. Ego's may arrise but we don't tolerate disrespect to members who wear and share your tag. > Read as: respect others, don't create hostility and know when to stop.  3. Don't be toxic, we drop those who cause it.  4. Real life comes first! We are one of the few semi-hardcore guilds that still have lives. If you need to take an extended break and plan on returning, let an @Admin know, we will take note of this.  5. Red is dead. If it can be killed you are allowed to kill it. We don't have any other guilds as "friends." We will conquer all we need to fulfil our own self interests.  6. No shit talking, we can leave things to sly macros or clever comments but we enter and leave battlefields respectful win or lose.       The Warlogs Snek eat us          
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