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New Player guide to the forums (and BDO)!

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Welcome to Black Desert Online Forums

Given that we will soon celebrate the anniversary of the game it mean you have more than a year worth of forums to read if you want to catch-up. So in the effort of making life easier for you let me summarize what you will see in here.


You will encounter on these forums (and inside the game) 3 types of players


The True Hardcore:

These people have dedicated their life’s to the game playing hours you would not even be able to comprehend, setting alarms in middle of the night to run through in game activities. They love the game, respect the community and are usually very helpful, posting advice, or Videos, streaming live almost 24h7.


The Hardcore “Want to be”:

Try Hard people who dedicate all of their free time to the game but who unfortunately cannot spend as much time as the True Hardcore population. This creates a bit of tension between themselves as no matter how hard they try and how much effort they put in there is just no way they will ever catch up.


The Casuals

Casual players in BDO can play from a range of 2h day to 10h a day, I consider them casual, as the game does not take over their life, they will priorities IRL. They love the game and can also be addicted but it is not their goal to compete with the  above 2 type of players. They will create Guild wars with other guilds on the level and as time goes by slowly they will eventually be able to compete with other more dedicated player.


Summary of what you will find on the Forum so far:


  • P2W discussion Failed, Majority agrees that this is NOT a P2W game !


  • Someone just got PK and just posted a pissed off thread for absolute no other purpose, but, Frustrations.
    • You will get PKed, but in any circumstance is does NOT constitute a reason to post on here.


  • All the guides for all the classes, for all the gear are in the relevant class sections, use the search function. Sometime CM will even have it Pinned on Top.


  • Lifeskillers are left out of most of the updates and Kakao does not care for them
    • All updates on Lifeskills are Nerfs
    • Being able to make Billions in Trading is a well-kept secret
    • Careful where you fish AFK as people will find ways to Kill you !
  •  Horse breeders are going extinct
    • Everyone thinks it is a pity but nobody does anything about it.


  • Warriors complain that they cannot one shot all other classes, everyone else complains they cannot one shot warriors (superarmor)
  • Ranger/Goats complains they are too slow and that they do no damage, everyone else complain they are too fast and have way too much damage.
  • Berserkers do not really complain and help each other a lot but they all agree they look ugly, Everyone else complains about their grabs and insane HP
  • Sorceress are way too pretty to be this deadly but they all know it ! Usually complain they can’t “onespin” everyone. Everyone else is mesmerized by their beauty and dies (complaining) quietly
  • Valkyries are all complaining of lack of damage, everyone else are baffled when they get killed by them Oh and Underboobs !
  • Wizards complain they have to wait until the end of the cast before one-shooting everyone. Everyone else is complaining about their damage.
  • Witches have boobs so they complain a bit less but otherwise, same comments as for wizards.
  • Tamers are too cute to be on battlefield so they have their giant pets to do the dirty work. They complain they are bad in PVP, everyone else classifies them in top 5 PvP classes.
  • Musa complains they are too slow and do no damage, Everyone else is annoyed on how fast they are and how much DPS they can dish out before going away.
  • Maehwa were complaining about being slow but now they are slight faster they complain about damage, Everyone else complain that Maehwa has now the best damage burst for melee.
  • Ninjas complain about being weakest class with broken stealth, everyone else complains they are almost impossible to 1v1 and they have stealth
  • Kunoichi are not really complaining at the moment and they are just playing hula-hoop with the bodies of their victims while everyone else complain about them.


  • Evasion or Accuracy Build ?
    • Nobody knows !!! do what you feel right ! you are a tank, build Accuracy, you are squishy, build evasion.


  • Karma-bombing is a thing !
    • Yes is flawed !
    • No it is not flawed !
    • Nobody seem to agree


  • The “unspoken” rule that the one who kill you gets to keep your spot WAS a thing.
    • Nobody seems to abide that anymore. Hence above Karma-bomb discussions.
    • People engage communication and play in groups more and more, vast majority on encounter are fun


  • Everyone agrees that Trolls and antisocial character have access to the game, you will meet them, just ignore and move-on !


  • Main advice that always comes back; "Don’t be an ass and the player community will welcome you."




Is it worth playing BDO?

Most definitely Yes.

Despite many cynical comments on the forums, Kakao and Pearl abyss are doing a fantastic job at releasing content on a WEEKLY basis. This is in my opinion an incredible feature of the game that keeps it alive and in a state of constant improvement. (ok sometime things go bit wrong but New content EVERY week, so come on)


How much time should I spend playing to be competitive?

If you count 24h in a day I would suggest you to play about 24h in a day. But even then, given you will start 1 year later that those who already do this, you have little to no chance to catch them up. So Play the amount which you want ! you can have fun playing 2h a day like 18h a day. The game is not a race ! there is no prize at the end as there is no end. Play at your pace, Have fun.


What is the best class to play?

See above summary for classes, My advice, play the class that suits your game-play. If you keep looking for OP one well it might change every week so GL.


Is it ok for New Players to get huge Benefits compared to those who started March 2016 ?

Yes, because without them there is no way you can catch up in case you decide that you want to join the Hardcore player Group. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


So once again ! WELCOME to Black Desert Online.

and remember do NOT under ANY Circumstance Craft ANY Grunil Armor !!!

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