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System Upgrade Help

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Posted (edited)

When BDO came out I was using 3 GTX 770's in SLI and was getting a solid 60FPS on maxed settings with no overclocks on the CPU or GPU's with aggressive fan curves set for all devices. I had 3 1080p monitors yet only ever used 1 for gaming in a landscape configuration. On a whim I tried playing with all 3 monitors in a portrait surround config (3240x1920 3K) and as expected my FPS died, 5ish FPS in towns, 10-20ish wandering around with the same in game settings, nerfing them into the ground made it very playable at 45-55 FPS in towns. Sadly I had my heart stolen seeing such lush visuals and couldn't believe what I had been missing out on playing at 1080p all this time. Now that there's no going back for me I need some advice on where to go, so lets get the basics out of the way.


What I'm working with currently.

Motherboard: ASUS Maximus V Extreme

CPU: Intel i7-3770k currently overclocked to 4.4ghz @1.35v (Auto clocked by built in mobo profile)

CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i *Even at 100% load with the overclocks I've not seen it exceed 60*c compared to the stock intel cooler which would hit 65*c with stock clocks and 40% load

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32gb DDR3 2400hz (XMP auto tunned)

HDD: Crucial MX100 512 SSD Primary drive for OS+BDO

GPU: Titan XP's SLI'd with high bandwidth bridge

PSU: Corsair Ax 1500i (I want to run a microwave off my PC, shhhh >.>)

Monitor: 3 ASUS 60hz 1080p panels in Portrait surround. 4k UHD Samsung TV 60hz


The current system/config runs at a stable 60FPS in 3k with everything enabled except High End Mode in most areas of the game, World Bosses+Towns can drag it down to the 30's/40's. An interesting note is that when I use the 4k TV I end up with higher and smoother frame rates than using the 3k surround method. In either display configuration my GPU's laugh at everything thrown at them, even with some 200+ people running around all whilly nilly as expected of the highest grade consumer tech available as of this posting. The issue most certainly stems from the CPU at his point and given the age of my rigs foundation it basically means I'm up for an entire rebuild as there is no upgrade path for that CPU or Motherboard.


One of the big things I was reading about was how Titan's scaled with displays. in 8x 8x SLI configs they did better in 1080p than 16x 16x, however when put on 4k/5k displays tje 16x 16x scored anywhere from 20% to 80% FPS improvements over 8x 8x so the baseline CPU has to have atleast 32 PCIe lanes dedicated to the GPU's. Coupled with the fact that I'm aiming for an M.2 SSD I could say a 40-42 lane CPU would be a sweet spot. I am aiming the put in a custom loop for Titan's so I can play around with overclocks finally and am unsure if I should do the same with my CPU or just stick with AIO's. If a custom loop provides some significant overclocking headroom versus an AIO then arguably would pursue that route as well.


I'm not a fanboy and am just looking for what gives me the most gains, if theres a compelling enough gap I would gladly switch.


One of the things I was reading about the Kabylake E series CPU's was the ability to have EACH core reach the same clock speed across the board instead of distributing the higher clock to most burdened core which is one of the reasons I've put off doing a rebuild... Assuming I read that correctly >.>


Phew... TLDR: Aiming for 120FPS on 4k what would you pick as your:

1: Motherboard

2: CPU

3: M.2 SSD


The more in depth you make your case the more it contributes to my decision on the matter ;)









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