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Need Gearing Advice / Skill Advices

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Posted (edited)

Hey People. i've returned to BDO since a month now and been leveling up a new sorc. 

My budget isn't the best yet but i am starting to get a more basic income over time due to learning the game but i am kinda stuck now where i am not sure  exactly what to do in the game nor what upgrades to priority and what to buy.

Same goes for the sorceress skills with awakening, i feel more comfortable there but if anyone has a good build or advices on gearing, please share.

I have a picture to share on my shit gear tho :) 


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Posted (edited)

Hello !

First, you have the Ancient Gardian's Seal so why don't you take the Ancient Weapon Core ?
With this belt you will have the bonus set of +5 accuracy and some DP. :)

I advice you two easy set :

1) In the continuous of your, with the set Grunil you will get more AP and a bit more mana.
Set Grunil + Blue Coral

2) This one was the set that I was playing (without Roaring Magical Armor because it wasn't existing yet).
It's a set with Agerian armor and Red Coral rings and earrings.
Good AP but less than Grunil + Blue coral sure BUT more hp, more accuracy, and a bit more of resistances and enhancements AND cap 200 DP easy.
Set Agerian + Red Coral

For the time being, stay with the Roaring Magical Armor, it's a great armor equivalent of a PRI but with great bonuses and 2 slots. :)

For the future, you will have to change your amulet for a Liverto or Kzarka, and your talisman for a Kutum.

Next for skills, of course the awakening deals great damage but to get shard of darkness, the amulet is better.
The Sorceress plays with her two skill trees it is useless to privileged one to another. You have to know switch between the two to do the most damage and be faster and more mobile.

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Get your awakening weapon to DUO or TRI if you have the resources at hand, this will enable you to grind 5x faster and gather resources for enchanting (if grinding is your main money making method), keep accesoiries on soft level like PRI or DUO depending on your level and go for soft-cap on grunil too, so DUO, quite cheap.

From there, with that gear set, you can build on the boss gear and weapons

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