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Posted (edited)


I am unsure if this topic has been suggested already, if it has, then I apologize. I've only recently gotten into life-skilling and I've been playing the game since release. 

I feel as if life-skilling is an under-appreciated aspect of the game. Most of the players who join the game pay little-to-no attention to the life-skilling aspect of the game because grinding can arguably be considered more beneficial than life-skilling in a shorter amount of time.

In my honest opinion, life-skilling in BDO has the potential to be a very fun part of the game, but currently grinding just seems to be more beneficial and yields more rewards in a shorter amount of time. 

Here are some suggestions that can possibly make life-skilling on BDO better (once again, I apologize if the following suggestions have already been suggested) :

Suggestion 1.) Providing an introduction for new players on CONTRIBUTION POINTS and on LIFE-SKILLING

     I have been playing BDO since release. Looking back, I now realize how much emphasize there is for players to focus on grinding. In fact, there is no formal introduction to life-skilling - an aspect of the game that a large community base within BDO considers vital to their entertainment. There is no mention of how contribution points are imperative to life-skilling or even how interrelated these concepts are within the game.

Suggestion 2.) Making certain life-skills more interactive rather than just an AFK-able activity

     I'm not saying that life-skilling SHOULDN'T be an AFK-able activity. I'm suggesting that there should be an interaction such as a mini-game for players who do want to actively process. In the same way that you are able to auto-fish and also actively fish. By completing these mini-games, players will be able to get more XP and/or rewards from the minigame, such as extra produce if farming, etc.

Processing: Producing more by successfully completing the mini-game without any fails

Farming: Gather more by successfully completing the mini-game without any fails

Cooking: The ability to craft a higher quality meal by successfully completing the mini-game (giving meals certain grades/quality depending on your cooking level such as A,B,C,D quality meals) 

Make these activities worth doing rather than simply being an "over-night" activity

(Mabinogi's blacksmithing system as an example) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukCjNinCDZo

Suggestions 3.) Making guilds more interrelated with life-skilling

   Guilds are a defining characteristic of Black Desert Online. By incorporation elements of life-skilling into guilds, it can expand the definition of 'endgame' for BDO. 

Guild farms: Give guilds the ability to place their own farm plot so that their guild members can use them

EDIT: Will add more suggestions once I come up with more


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Posted (edited)

1) Make more Daily/weekly quests available for higher levels of life skills

2) Give us end game life skill gear

3) Make our higher level worth more by adding items that are worth a lot and unobtainable unless you are that level.

4) Add remote gathering locations that are actually worth traveling to


6) Finally use that tenth character in the fishing game.

7) Add lots of life quests and gear to new areas so we aren't STILL trapped in the starting zones

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+1 for improving lifeskilling.

As a new player myself, it's difficult to make suggesting because BDO just keeps on surprising me with it's vast content, however what I will say that the amount of AFK required to participate in LifeSkilling is just too much.  I have never watched so much NETFLIX before, i'm running out of stuff to watch.  This maybe my approach to lifeskilling, perhaps I am trying to participate in too much as once which requires a ton of processing.

Just like workers can process planks to plywood with reduced quantity, how about log to planks and similar for other materials.

As it stands right now, a couiple of hours grinding mindlessly is way more entertaining than lifeskilling.


I now call this "Netflix and BDO"



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I like suggestion 2.

Suggestion 1 not so much, I like it when you have to figure out a few things, there is already too much "walk to spot and press R" mechanics.

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