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Ship Building and the Fixed Market Price - Supply and Demand?

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The people that are to dumb to understand why we have the market house we do and why it works so well are something else


they want what they think they want and can't see past their nose

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love the people that bring up eve. we should go to that model. yellow would be the same as officer blue faction and green t2 stuff and when you die you lose it all and 50% of it drops on the ground. lets see how rare tri is after that. 

On a more serious note eve had some items that where controlled by a small number of people and there was no way around it. This was also a material that was needed to build a large number of everyday goods. This was only fixed when the eve devs stepped in and made it so that it was possible to obtain though other means. (more costly but it in effect but a ceiling on the price) 

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Considering the taxes taken from anything sold on the MP, nothing is really worth selling.

Yay i got something worth 4 billion.....awww man MP will take 1.5bil of it.

35% tax is ridiculous, and the tax money  doesn't  even go back to the people! No but seriously value packs are almost as dumb as the 35% tax you have without them.

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Reading entire topic I am PRO for free market!

Unlike comrade Plunge who obviously was sleeping during any economy lesson and thus he goes around spreading ideas of a 5 years old ...

(Mom, dad! I made my 1st dollar, I want to buy a Masserati since that's right in my mind!) .... Sorry Johny boy, that's not how real world works, you will hardly afford any car to begin with.


Speaking of various systems implemented ... Just the damn taxes eating our money is bad enough with all those supporting hippies saying "It's easy to make money so that is system to shave your profits a bit!" ... obvously fellas forgot about one time use items like black stones, reforge stones, etc. .... simply said, that is clearing our wallets too fast with RNG god laughing above us.


As MEISTER cook in BDO let me give you a minute ...

- I spend weeks of time preparing ingredients (making 15k of Mediah meals took me 4-5 weeks)

As getting all stuff yourself is hard sometimes you better invest cash to get materials faster.

But some stuff are non-existant since ppl won't sell them due to BS pricing fixed by Stalin and Lennin ... so you spend extra time getting them yo self.

- Once I'm done cooking them I have to register them at market

Used to be batches of 500 each register, now it's down to 100 per batch which makes process way longer ... selling thme that is

Also fixed pricing makes it quite bad you see. When there is none, price is like 60K, when price is low due to high supply it's like 32K

(Here comes Mr. "actual life" with a TIP! .... when there is a lot of supply you should just pack it up since: 1st you make no profit in the end, 2nd it would take about 3854534551 light years to sell since only lowest price is visible and PURCHASEABLE)

- End result

Now I'm finally done selling and I'm stuck with some 0,7-1,5 bil. silver

Congrats me but what can I actually buy for that .... High-end gear that's never on market? .... Maybe more materials to start some other craft .... oh yeah, .... there is none .... OKE! How about jsut purchasing black stones and enchant my gear? ... oh right, that will eat my wallet away since RNG hates me, already lost one +12 liverto to durability since +25 and above simply wasn't enough as fail stack.

... I'll just buy more mounts ... oh yeah, it's constantly sold out >.>


So here I am, sitting on pile of cash ... which is uterrly useless as I can do litterary nothing with it ... guess I'll just feed it to fish.


Point made, I'm outta here!

😂 Ok you made me spit out my drink! 


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