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(Top) Gear renting

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 I fully realize how important it is for BDO to prevent RMT, therefore there are no ways for players to transfer wealth or exchange items between each other outside of the anonymous marketplace using fixed price ranges.

However there is an obvious wish for rich players to utilize their wealth for group purposes. It's really annoying that you can't give anything of help to a newbie friend or a guildmate who has the skills but lacks the gear. It's equally annoying that you can't do anything with your billions but hoard it (or waste it on PEN attempts, just so you may gain +0.2% more AP). So I formulated a suggestion that allows wealth transfer without being usable for goldselling.

The feature is gear renting. Someone with more money than he needs can rent out his gear by putting it to a guild interface. From there, the guild leaders can assign that gear to a member in need. However the gear is rent and not given. It has "property of X" on it, the recipient can't enchant, sell or destroy it, he can only

  • Use it
  • Return it to the guild
  • Insert or remove crystals (the owner can only donate without crystals and crystals break upon returning)
  • Paint it
  • Repair durability (not max durability)

The gear is returned to the guildbank if the guild leader requests it or if the recipient leaves the guild. The gear is returned to the owner if he requests it or if he leaves the guild.

The guild-only requirement greatly decreases goldselling abuse: to get gear, the buyer and the seller must be in the same guild, remain in the guild and the transfer must be supported by the guild leadership. Of course the rent gear is returned and further renting is banned for players punished by GMs. Goldbuyers want to own in-game wealth not rent it just to lose it any moment.

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Posted (edited)

I think this is a good idea.

This would make guild support more tangible and really put the emphasis on the guild overall wealth and be reflected directly on how well they do in node wars and other activities. It would create stronger links between guildies and create positive mentor student relationships and promote more cooperation between players which I think is a little lacking in BDO.

Only thing is maybe there could be some additional restrictions so that it's not all ups and no downs. Here are a few ideas:

  • Could work similarly to renting from NPC where you need to use CP;
  • Renting contract with a time limit;
  • Small fee on renting, which could go to the guild (instead of CP in that case);
  • Can only rent to x many students and you can only change student every so often (mentora system).

Your idea is fine in itself regardless. Just some thoughts of mine.

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