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Somebody able to create a template for me?

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Hi, i know that this sounds pretty lazy and stuff, (this is not made better if i acknowledge it, and also acknowledging that i am lazy doesnt make it better... etc.) I generally am pretty bad at creating chars for RPG´s, but I thought I could try to do better here. I wanted to orientate myself at Erza from Fairy Tail. But... i didnt succeed.

I know there are some pretty good templates for Valkyries, I want to play as a sorceress though. :(
Could somebody try to create a Erza for Sorceress? If you try it I would be very grateful. :DAnyways thanks if you take the time to even read my gibberish to this point.  

P.S.: References.

                                      download.thumb.jpg.4c476f51e062f12b9ff2f         download_(1).thumb.jpg.3f3b6435c5ae991d5

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Posted (edited)

The problem with wanting a character based on one from a cartoon is that you can't really get a proper sense of features from one...unless you're the type of person who is REALLY into the Uncanny Valley type of thing...in which case, hey: more power to ya.

...I didn't go that route with mine, though, because that sorta thing scares the crap outta me. Instead, I looked at rough face and eye shape and just went from there:

  • Jaw ends in a thin, pointed chin. Kinda has a peach shaped head?
  • Upper lid curves inward to the nose with a sharper outer curve to the top. lower lid curves nearer the middle with a thing tip near the nose.
  • Dark Eyes, pale skin, Maroon-ish hair. Thin eyebrows.

Nothing else can really be extrapolated from the pictures or the concept in general.

The image is included in the spoiler below:



To repeat, an anime character is not easy for re-creation unless one favors uncanny valley, so liberties were taken. Hair color was also not easily possible without being too red or too pink/purple, so I mixed the best medium that I could. hair style was also not an option, so I picked the most similar and touched  it up slightly for better fit.

I only did minor body tweaks as I'm people would rather do that on their own.

 Link to the Template

Edited by Rayl
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First of all, THANKS.

I also know that it´s problematic to recreate anime characters (the verb I wrote first instead of recreate was kill, wtf brain?) but I´ve also seen a few very good recreations, granted they are Valkyries but still, and I wanted to give it a shot. I then thought, hey, I like the idea, but am to incompetent to do it...

Still thanks for your try, its generally a good looking character. I also think the Sorceress is one of the harder classes to recreate animated characters, I dunno why, something about the general face structure is... Different.

Again, so grateful, and have a nice monday tomorrow :/

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