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[NA] <MoonRise>

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A torn piece of yellowed parchment, edges curled and tattered, impaled to a wooden post by a single rusted nail flutters in the breeze. If you want to read it, by all means do so. If you ignore it your day continues as it always has…


The printed words are somewhat smudged, the style rather gothic. The ink used was probably of quality although the printing press likely dubious with missing 's' s replaced by 'f's in some cases. There are areas where weather and minor nicks by daggers, and so on, have made words impossible to read…


Heigh-ho, and all that…in short Greetings and, of course, salutations.

We, the members of the adventurers Company <MoonRise>, are pleased to present ourselves as we look for new members to join our pursuits throughout Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah and beyond…….Despite our former lives as Brigands, Mercenaries and HighwayMen, Farmers, Tinkerers and….we are…still able to take up the sword and Stave as needed. Our ranks include… some of the very best skilled Tradespeople. If seeking gainful employment, pleased be you to contact any of the sisters Leafsilver.”


OOC- in short, <MoonRise> was formed in July 2016 from the cadre of the Uno server guild Skeleton Crewe after a bit of faffing about as a clan (Nebulous Gods). We’re simply a purposely small casual players’ guild supporting both martial and life-skilling players. Currently we have 17 of 25 slots filled. Some of the members are avid role-players and our role-play runs the gamut from RP-Lite to hardcore and mostly just happens. We keep guild chat as just chat, not for RP. We operate MoonRise on the premise that life happens so guild events (such as scroll runs, guild missions, guild hunts) are never mandatory. We have no gear/skill minimums, nor level expectations, no play-hour minimums and no voice chat requirements. MoonRise welcomes new/returning players too. We simply expect members to support, honor and respect each other and members of the community at large. No drammah.

 If interested in being an integral part of a small but vibrant guild, please contact one of us listed below or any MoonRise Officer, and thanks for reading! 


Server: North America

Channel: usually Serendia 6, but may be found on others too (e.g., Mediah 5)

GM: Radiant_KukyWu (family name Leafsilver)

Co-Leader: Keltyn (family name Silvernacht)

Officer: Ezuri (family name Ooroo)

Officer: LeiannaFabs (family name Fabbrication)

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