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The State of Black Desert Online

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My Story about the Gaming Industry:

Dear Black Desert Support,

Black Desert Online strikes me as a really confusing game, not only is it confusing when you get into the game; and I've played a lot of games over the span of life I've had, so I know what can potentially confuse a player, and Black Desert Online, well, it confuses me on a whole new level.

Let me explain why:

I got into the game, read the texts, and thought: this is a new experience, let's keep an open mind. The graphics aren't that good, but it's not like I play games strictly for graphics, so let's move forward. What bothers me so much about Black Desert Online as a new player is not that the game might seem confusing, but I can't even get into your game, but why? The reason I can't get into your game is because a smog is placed on the screen, and a HUD. I really dislike tutorials inside games, if you're going to have them, make them optional. Give us a chance to look at your game before splashing HUDS and Tutorials in our faces. I like the fact that I got to take a look at the game, but it struck me wrong, and when I mean wrong, I mean twice. The grayness of the screen, for whatever reason inside the game; self corrected once, after I accepted a quest on an 8gb video card; fixed itself, but then it went grey again, not totally grey, but it was washed out; the screen was.

I'm confused as to why, but let me tell you this much. I no longer want to play this game now.

The screen is literally colorless, like a lens of smog has been placed on my screen, to cover all the vibrancy of the world. The game seems to correct it, but after it happened the second time, well, that's when I logged out, because I have a high end video card. And I don't get what is going on here, but it's a technical issue with the game and I don't have the patience to understand why I need to address issues like these, with a game I don't feel is up to snuff, at least for me.

Mass Effect 3 has this issue where sometimes while standing on surfaces you seemed to float. I think it's lazy. And I don't like it. When I purchase a game, it's like purchasing art. And if it's stained, and it's clearly stained for a technical reason, outside of intended artistic reasons, well, then, that makes me think it's a flawed piece. And it's. flawed. And I don't want it, nor do I have the time to reason with a company as to why I think it's a bad piece, but it's bad, because it's. And that's how it makes me feel.

Another recent example: Diablo 2, within the confines of the vanilla game, I found maps that had edges; lines drawn on the ground, almost like gaping holes in the textures, left vacant. Blizzard never fixed it, and I'm sure, if you were to go looking, you'd find them yourself. I won't buy games from these two companies anymore, because when you have texture issues like these, your game is called into question, right along with your company, but when your screen can't even complete a reasonable amount of consistency on the screen, you also get called into question. It's your credibility I'm calling into question. Not your ability to produce games.

I just started playing this new game, it's called Nier: Automata, this game doesn't have any of these issues. And it's a fun game, well worth the sixty dollars spent. This is a good example of a near perfect game. It doesn't fadeout and turn to grey, nor does it have problems with its textures, and this game even tries to artifact, like it really does artifact, but it's intended.

Best All,

A Player






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How many more comments is PA and Kakao gonna get like this ? One would think they wouldn't want to chase away the player base.

Actually I love this game when I can stay logged in long enough to play but lately, since the DK release things have just gotten worse. 

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