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<Acolytes> Seeking merges, and single fighters alike. Look inside for more information.

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Thank you for taking an interest in this post. My name is Viable, an Officer in <Acolytes>. Firstly, i'm going to tell you my story, and then I am going to tell you how <Acolytes> might be the appropriate next move for either you (as a single person), or your guild (as a respectful merge).

I have played MMO's from the age of 13 to my current age of 25. I have been in hundreds of guilds, lead some, moderated some, just plain participated in some. I left World of Warcraft when this game came to NA, it was terrifying, and beautiful, all at the same time. I eventually came to a point where i needed a guild. i tried a few, and found myself missing the connections i felt in previous games. I missed the community. I missed logging on and always having multiple friends online to talk to and play with. eventually, i came to <Acolytes>, I was a level 55 tamer, with minimal experience and an urge to be out at sea (in game, haha). The main reason i had joined was that they were one of few guilds boasting the fact that they would be in command of one of NA's first guild galleys. I was immediately interested. I eventually rerolled Sorc, and then again at 57 I rerolled Warrior. Still being new, i was looking for what i felt was going to be my main. over the course of the 3 months i have been here, the guild has tirelessly worked to become a home for its members.  The work the leadership puts in to providing a good experience for its members is what drove me to want to help. I asked to help with anything that needed doing (and there is always stuff that needs doing), and eventually i was asked to come on as an officer. I am very happy to be a part of what i had already fallen in love with. The leadership cares deeply about the guild, and more so about its members. The point of telling my story it to portray the homeliness of the guild, and the motivation of its members. but now we can move on to more of the meat and potatoes.

What we have now:

  • 64 members. 30+ active at peak activity. around 25 active and present at node wars. Gear scores ranging from 300 on the low end, to 450+.

  • 182 guild points- more coming every day.

    A full combat tree- full siege resist, and everything you would expect in a guild that is pvp oriented.

  • 3 Guild Galleys- a monument to the dedication and cohesiveness of our small yet powerful team.

  • 2 war elephants- a prize accomplishment which has opened many doors for us (not just gates at the enemy tower, either) to include mercing for top tier guilds such as ManUp.

  • An extremely active community network (discord, facebook, etc) that spans 11+years of dedication, and a plethora of gaming titles. 

  • monthly events, contests and prizes.

  • a place for you to feel at home with your friends.

Who we are:

We are a group of people in the age range of 21-40 with massive MMO experience, and a good balance between real life and Black Desert. We are respectful of everyone, and try to be as inclusive as reasonably possible. To avoid unnecessary conflict, we do have a few guidelines. These can be found at http://www.acolytesgaming.com/guidelines . These are general community rules mostly dictated by common sense. For the most part, we all keep in touch in or out of game through discord, and generally get along wonderfully. When i get home and log on, I am genuinely happy to see their names in chat. 

Our goals, and how you can help us achieve them.

We have over the last month really made moves to becoming and entirely PVP oriented guild. this doesn't mean we don't want you if you are a pacifist. This just means that we will need you to help support our cause in other ways.  Our largest issue right now, is the fact that we are a small guild when you only consider those who attend node wars. smaller guilds, gear score aside, have a much harder go of it on the field of battle. Our first goal is to become more numerous. Whether its just you coming over, or whether you want to bring your group of 2-50 members with you, the numbers are what matter most right now at our level.  We would like to field at least 40 players consistently at node wars. We are willing to take in multiple guilds, and multiple singles to achieve this. 

We are currently asking for a 350+ gear score at level 56+. These are the bare minimums to be effective in our level of play. These requirements will begin to shift up with the average of the guild. exceptions can be made at this early period, as we know with our help you can grow with time. Regardless of our for numbers however, we do expect a modest attendance rate of 50% of guild activities. if we have 2 scheduled node wars in one week, we expect you to be present at the minimum of 1 war. other activities are included in this factor as well though.

All those bold words aside, the thing that makes this guild so great is that we know each other well. we know we have lives outside of the desert, and we know things come up. the guild is comprised of all adults, with all adult responsibilities. we have mothers, fathers, late workers, college students, a couple no-lifers, and members of the military who are all trying their best to sync up and fight another day. if something comes up, and you have to put real life first, do it. just please let us know at some point not to expect you.

General terms for a merge:

These details are fluid, and will come down to actual negotiation. In general, when we absorb a guild, you are not expected to up and desert your previous identity. have your own discord? COOL! keep it, it will be a great place for your members to hang while they warm up to our members. like your current leadership? I'm glad! if you like your leaders, that means we will too! No guild is expected to withdraw full stake in leadership. depending on the size of the guild to be absorbed, leadership positions will be allocated according to negotiations. Someone from your previous guild will ALWAYS be sitting at the table and looking out for your interests. We do understand that you put work into building your guild on your own. We wish that you didnt have to part with that. Unfortunately all we can offer for that is our gratitude for your sacrifice.

In closing,

We do have pay-outs. rather substantial ones at that. i put this information down here because we believe pay-outs are earned, not given. if you read that wall of text and are still interested, then maybe you have what it takes to earn your pay check. pay is activity based, and activity is compiled of more aspects than that little number by your name. its not hard to earn the top tier pay out in this guild. be active in game, be active at node wars, be active in discord. we don't care how many kills you get, showing up nets the same amount of respect and pay for everyone.

in closing, for real this time,

This is the best guild i have ever been a part of. no shit. i just got off work, and typing this out is all i have been thinking about all day. helping the guild that i love. I also really want you to love it too, and you will if you decide to make that decision. do we want you here? yes. But we want you to want you here more.

~ Viable, family name: Eschelon 



Replying here, is most reliable to set up a communication. but you can also PM us.

Character names/family names

me: Viable/Eschelon

GM: Callei/pheonixks

Officer: Carpathio/infensus




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We have added several new members, 2 merges. We are still looking to grow!

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Still growing with more great people.  It's a great time to be an Acolyte. Contact us!

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Always available for chat! Send me a message in game! Eisenn

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Wow that was one heck of a read. Contact me on discord @Quin#7174. <----- Best way to get in touch with me :)

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