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By Synith in US Guild,
We are <Chivalry> <Chivalry> is a Node War / PvP oriented guild. We are a community of 18+ players that want to experience everything BDO has to offer! We are seeking individuals or groups that wish to enjoy the game and make new friends. We do node wars, arena events, grind groups and more! Participation in Node Wars and use of Discord are required.
  GOALS To build and grow a friendly, mature community within BDO and potentially across other games as we grow.
To participate in Node Warfare
  Our Expectations of you -Help with Guild Quests
-Gear up for Node Wars
-Level 57
-At least 140 AP when offhand is unequipped.
-Attend atleast 1 node war every week. (We usually do 2 a week)
-Discord (Atleast be able to listen in to calls) What to Expect from us -Guild Events: PvP Events, Community events, Grind Groups, Arenas, Node Wars
-Mature Officers
-Friendly Community
-Payouts when we reach our threshold

  How to Apply -Reply to this forum with your family name and your main character name. Or just contact Quin on discord @Quin#7174 If you'd like to join or learn more reach out to Synith, Azarlith, Kalrie, Brunyn, Kalius, Tiahra,  Reannaa or Eneiye in-game.
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