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Sorc or Tamer

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Posted (edited)

I have narrowed down my re-roll to between these two. Pros and Cons of either would be appreciated. I don't really care for large scale pvp, just 3v3 or smaller. Also ease of grinding would be great(coming from ranger...). Thanks for any input!

Additionally I mainly play with my friend, a beserker, so any small scale synergy would be nice, as well as which one has a better match up against him when dueling against.

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Sorc is an absolutely top tier grinder. Very good overall in PVP with some L2P. If you watch the KR 3v3 tournament you'll see almost all teams have at least 1 sorc for good reason. 

Tamer is slower in PVE, but not tremendously so since you can gather 16 mobs at a time. Very good in 1v1 and small scale. Strong combos with a lot of protection and a grab, very slippery and hard to catch if you want to pot up. 

Anyone will be disadvantaged against a Zerker, but I'll let some Sorcs/Tamers chime in about how they do against them in duels. I would guess that both have plenty of outplay potential since both can iframe grab attempts and tamers can probably 1-combo them. 

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As a ninja, I would rather fight a sorc, then a geared tamer.


Heilang is a -----. 

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I don't know a tonne about how the match ups work against zerker ( played awakenings but don't have pvp worthy gear) but the two seem to work like this.



Several situational nuke abilities, which can only be used with specific windows of power (shards, 100%, siege buff etc).

Some ranged damage/openers

Decent sustained combo damage

Can circumvent enemy defenses by porting behind them or kiting through them.


Can be run dry of resources quickly with constant pressure.

Major abilities are tied to shard usage.

100% is tied to block




Incredibly fast movement (especially with siege buff) making them great at resetting fights or initiating

Very powerful sustained combo damage

AoE stunlock ability

Can maintain 100% crit chance for one minute with buffs.

Heilang can give out random lifesaving cc.

Able to use heilang to jump from great heights with no penalty

Has a grab


Less variance in combat tactics

No ranged openers (higher risk engage)

No innate defense stats


As far as working with a zerker, the sorc probably has better synergy since the zerker can cc the enemies so the sorc can burst 'em.

The tamer would also benefit from having a zerker partner ccing enemies but there is less defined synergy.


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