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LF Top Tier Guild / Pro Wiz Uber Active

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Returning Vet, was officer in RedFace top guild for biggest NA server on release, quit almost a year ago (because of my crazy ex, shoulda quit her for BDO <3
Currently 57.6 within about a week, aiming for 60+ asap
168/162/197 gs (started around 100/100 so going up crazy fast)
16+ hrs a day, 247 energy, 275 contribution
was pro pvp ranger at release, super saiyan wiz now
Managed to join Redface with players who played KR for a year, and became an officer within a month as a fresh player. Got ample experience leading top PvP Guilds & Alliances in guild wars (8 yrs Ragnarok) and Progressive Raiding Experience (WoW), play in many competitive games in the top 0.5% tier.

What I am looking for, a guild with lots of skills, active players, a strong pvp presence, respectable discord convo. Usually over qualified, so I enjoy the game playing most with interesting diehards, competent leaders are a bonus. Will research the top guilds soon and pick one to join, however I am open to trying someone out :) want an active established guild
IGN: Prim (TheHeartsmith)

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Posted (edited)

Hello, how are you today? My name's Desi, I'm lead recruitment and PvP / Node Wars Leader from <YourParents> -- we've been around since about launch, we're mostly pst / est, and we are currently recruiting all classes 56+ with a gs of 300-350+ for node wars, pvp, gvg and other fun stuff :) We absolutely LOVE to party grind, and we're not afraid to fight for our rotations. Our core members are comprised of mostly friends that are level 58+ with 180+ ap and between 350-400+ gs. We do awakened bosses, relic scrolls, arena fights and much more ^,^ We're currently working towards gearing up our lower members and recruiting more active pvper to help with node wars during the week. Sometimes we also hunt whales and sea monsters. We have a relaxed discord and currently offer 5 acc, 5 ap, 5 dmg reduc, 80 hp, 2 elephants, a guild boat and a galley! If interested in joining, please comment below, PM me here, or PM me ingame (Desibabez94). Thanks for your time and have a lovely day :D

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Included timezone and interests

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