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The PyroAmos Legend

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Posted (edited)

Walking into his home in heidal, Pyro started unbuckling the strong and heavy armor that at this point barely felt as unnatural as cloths for most people. Pyro heaved his armor off and tossed it on his sofa. He always liked that feeling right after taking his armor off after a long day, almost like you're floating, and took a second to enjoy the liberation before sitting at his table. 

Heilmittel entered a few minutes later, Pyro wondered for a minute how she always knew when he got in. He didn't get to finish the thought as Heilmittel started giving him reports of his holdings and businesses. He mostly ignored her, only paying attention when keywords that might indicate trouble caught his ear. Grateful for having found such a smart and loyal person to take care of his affairs, he no longer cared to deal with details, despite her insistence to relay them all to him. While not a particularly wealthy person, he had aquired enough holdings to make a comfortable life.

Finally as she was winding down from her reports of the buisness of the day she asked 'Would you like Kissme to bring you some dinner?'

Thankful for Heil's relentless assault of business details to be over Pyro perked up 'She's here? How does she look?'

' You'll have to see for yourself, I'll send her shortly with some dinner'

And with that, she scurried off. 


*please forgive if I break some RP standards, this is my first attempt at RP, so I don't really know the rules/standards ppl use.

*feel free to add on and stop by my house if you want, or sometime I'll just add more... pyro, heilmittel and kissme are all my characters so don't take their rolls plx

*though I've never written it out, my characters stories have been developed in my mind since I started playing MMOs & is a fairly complex Web of people so try not to assume to much if you respond, some basics of my chars stories, Heil was Pyro's slave, he offered her her freedom, but she chose to remain his slave. Although not a free person, she controls a large estate and has more power than alot of nobles. Kissme was also a slave purchased by Pyro, but he treated her like a daughter, and eventually gave her freedom, and she now ventures the world seeking her own way

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