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Tamer Guide by Trollsies

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Tamer Guide By Trollsies

Introduction: I have played MMORPGs for well over 10 years. Of those 10 years 2 of them have been strictly dedicated to playing the Tamer class in Black Desert Online. I am now level 60 and have been for over 6 months. I've been in WaifuHunta, Gravity, Barcode, and FML throughout the last year as well as Support in KR. I am by far not the best Tamer out there, but I do have more experience with the class than most. I hope to help and inform the community the best I can. Enjoy the guide!

Gear: http://imgur.com/a/iJugz

Profile: http://imgur.com/a/0tIqd



Bares: Gives +5 PvE damage, great for players who only care about PvE. I suggest not getting this item past DUO.

Yuria: Gives +5 PvP damage, great for players who care about PvP and PvE. I suggest not getting this item past DUO.

Liverto: Gives +3 Crit and is the first endgame item that requires memory fragments to repair. I suggest not getting this item past TRI.

Kzarka: Gives +3 Attack Speed as well as the most accuracy per enchant. This is the BIS item for most if not all classes. Get this to PEN if possible.


Incense: Gives Accuracy +7 and Accuracy every upgrade. This item is best for players starting out who need to level to 56. After hitting 56 however, I suggest swapping to a different trinket.

Needle: Gives the most AP of the non BIS trinkets. I suggest swapping to this for increased grind speeds and overall damage after hitting 56.

Blade/Rosar/Krea: These items all give Evasion for large-scale PvP. I suggest getting one of these for Territory War PvP as they can become BIS for Evasion Builds. Blade being my person favorite of the lot do to extra HP.

Nouver: One of the BIS endgame Trinkets. Gives the most AP of all the Trinkets as well as 10% All Resistance. I suggest getting this for large-scale PvP AP Monkey build.

Kutum: The other BIS endgame Trinket. Gives AP,DP,PvE Damage, as well as 10% CC Pen. I suggest getting this for grinding, 1v1's, and small-scale PvP. This is the best Hybrid item in the game for doing a bit of everything, as well as my personal favorite.


Grunil: The most popular armor set for Tamers before getting full Boss Armor. This set gives +150 Max HP, All AP +7, as well as up to +8 Damage Reduction if upgraded to Yellow Grade. This set also has 8 crystal slots to socket for late game play.

Rocaba: This set is usually used in conjunction with other sets and for PvP focused players who are going for an evasion build. The full set gives +75 HP, +75 MP, +7 Evasion, and up to 8 Damage Reduction as well as 8 slots for crystals.

Boss: The best set in the game hands down. Gives +200 Stamina, +200 HP, Increased Evasion, Increased Accuracy, +1 Attack Speed, +1 Cast Speed, as well as 8 slots for crystals. Sadly, this set is the most expensive to buy and repair, but is still my personal favorite.


Neck: Ogre/Layten/Seraph/Bares for AP build and Sicil for Evasion build.

Ring: Crescent/Mark/BlueCoral/Bares for AP build and Red Coral for Evasion build.

Earrings: Witch/Tungrade/Bares for AP and Red Coral for Accuracy. I will note here that Red Coral will become mostly irrelevant at level 61-62 with proper crystals and elixir buffs.

Belt: Basilisk/Shultz/Bares for AP Builds, Tree Spirit for Accuracy, and Glad for Evasion build.

Best Crystals Setup

Weapon: x2 Black Magic Crystal - Precision (20% CC Pen and +4 Accuracy)

Trinket: x2 Awakened Spirit's Crystal (+10 Hidden AP and +300 HP)

Helmet: x2 Ancient Magic Crystals of Enchantment - Agility (+10 Evasion)

Armor: x2 Magic Crystal of Infinity - Evasion (20% Special Evasion) or Magic Crystal of Perfection (+1-2 Luck) until max luck for grinding.

Gloves: x1 Black Magic Crystal - Viper ( +1 Attack Speed, +1 Cast Speed, and +2 Accuracy) and x1 Black Magic Crystal - Valor ( Crit +2 and Grapple Resistance +5%)

Shoes: x2 Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine (50% Knockdown/Bound Resistance and 10% Faint/Rigidity/Freezing Resistance)

Note: Buy a costume coupon with pearls and equip it to a +1 crit rate outfit like the Blacksmith's one. This will allow you to get +5 Attack Speed, +5 Crit Rate and +5 Movement Speed.

Best Food/Elix Rotation

  • PvE: Milk Tea > Margoria > Media

  • Small Scale PvP: Margoria > Mediah > Knights

  • Large Scale PvP: Margoria > Mediah > Valencian

  • Elix: Intrepid Swiftness > Endless Fury > Advanced Concentration > Etc.

Note: Use Experience Elixir for PvE also make sure to only use [Party] versions of any of the Elixir's listed above.


Skill Tree

Note: When starting out you are mainly going to focus on leveling Summon Heilang, Bolt/Jolt Wave, Void Lightning, and Roaring. Once you get awakening you drop points from Roaring and focus on Echo Pierce, Allaround Spinner, and Legendary Beasts Dance. Though all the awakening skills are great, those are the ones I would focus on first.


This is my personal PvP/PvE add-on setup: https://gyazo.com/5deb8d840c8bbef717069278e2423915

Note: "Flash I" is used when grinding to never run out HP or MP, you should only need a few pots to defend your spot from other players. This add-on can be replaced for something like "Void Lighting" for extra DP or "Scratch" for extra slows in PvP. The +20 DMG against monsters that "Jolt Wave I" provides is amazing for grinding, but when "Allround Spinner I" is off cooldown it should be used for an even greater increase in AP. The other add-on's are for PvP, either evasion, accuracy or PvP dmg. When starting out make sure to get "Jolt Wave I" first because of the Attack Speed and AP buff! After awakening, get "Legendary Beast Dance" first because of the 20% Crit Increase!

Grinding Rotations

  • Pre Awakening PvE Rotation Single Mob: Bolt/Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt/Jolt > Trample

  • Pre Awakening PvE Rotation Small Group: Void Lightning > Single Mob Rotation

  • Pre Awakening PvE Rotation Large Group: Void Lighting > (1-2) Roaring > Single Mob Combo

Note: To maximize grinding efficiency bind "ww" to a single key on your keyboard, this will allow you to "Evasion" to camps faster. Make sure to watch your stamina while doing this because it can go down fast. Using "Legendary Beast's Power" between 3-4 "Evasions" is a good way to keep up stamina. Also, when getting low in HP/MP feel free to "Evasion" into "Scratch" then "Flash/Pole".

  • Post Awakening PvE Rotation Single Mob: Bolt/Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt/Jolt > Echo Pierce > Allround Spinner

  • Post Awakening PvE Rotation Small Group: Void Lightning > Single Mob Rotation

  • Post Awakening Pve Rotation Large Group: Void Lightning > Bolt/Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt/Jolt > Echo Peirce > Legendary "Turtle" Dance > Leaves Dropping > Flow: Gust > Allround Spinner

Note: To maximize grinding efficiency dodge roll and Beast Power to far away camps. For camps close together, use Moonlight Strike into Garuda to engage on mobs. If you ever feel yourself getting too low, you can either use "Evasion" into "Scratch" then "Flash/Pole" or use "Legendary Beast's Dance" into "Beast Rampage" depending on your current stance and or affected cooldown timers. Also try to use "Leaves Dropping > Flow: Gust" before every camp if in awakening form.

PvP Combos

  • PvP Basic 1 : Leaves Dropping > Flow: Gust

  • PvP Basic 2: Void Lightning > Bolt/Jolt > Evasion

  • PvP Basic 3: Evasion (ww) > Legendary Beast's Power

  • PvP Basic 4: Cloud Stomping > Flow: Cloud Ride

Note: These are some of the most basic tamer combos, but that doesn't mean you don't use them a lot. We need to use Basic 1 to start any engage because of the +16 AP buff. Basic 2 is used to create a semi-impenetrable cc barrier. Basic 3 is used to create an eyeframe dodge and close gaps while not in awakening stance. Basic 4 is used to either create a gap while in awakening form, or as an eyeframe to dodge all attacks, but never use it as an engage, you will die.

  • PvP Combo 1: Evasion > Spray Scratch > Bolt/Jolt > Soaring Kick > Bolt/Jolt > Echo Peirce > Bolt/Jolt > Echo Pierce > Allround Spinner

Note: Use "Evasion" as an eyeframe engage into spray scratch which should rigidity your opponent if off cooldown. This gives you enough time to "Bolt/Jolt" animation cancel your "Spray Scratch" and go for a grab. After a basic "Bolt/Jolt/Echo" combo, finish them off with "Allround Spinner" so that if the opponent gets up, they will be inflicted with Stiffness. This combo is hard to get used to because of the animation cancels, but once you get the hang of it, it's quite strong.

  • PvP Combo 2: Legendary Beast's Power > Moonlight Strike > Garuda > Legendary Vermillion Dance > Allround Spinner > Soaring Kick > Bolt/Jolt > Echo Peirce

Note Use this combo if the are having trouble catching your opponent with a "Spray Scratch". The gap close that is done with "Beast's Power" and "Moonlight Strike" is crazy. Will catch many people by surprise, and even if they see it coming, not much can be done at the speed you go. Also, if you want to use combo from un-awakening mode, use "Echo Peirce" before "Legendary Beast's Power", this is a well-known animation cancel.*

  • PvP Combo 3: Evasion > Void Lightning > Bolt/Jolt > Echo Peirce > Legendary Vermilion Dance > Allround Spinner

Note: Use this combo if fighting 3+ players during sieges or node wars. By using evasion you will force yourself between a large group of players, while there you "Void Lightning" and animation cancel into awakening weapon through "Bolt/Jolt/Echo". From there you hit as many players as you can with "Legendary Vermillion Dance" and "Allround Spinner". If there is anyone left finish them off with a different combo or run away with Basic 4.

Hidden Effects

  1. "Spray Scratch" will cause rigidity while off cooldown.

  2. "Cloud Stomping" acts as an eyeframe.

  3. The higher your movement speed the faster and better you will dodge using "Evasion" from eyeframes.

  4. You can animation cancel most skills in awakening mode with "Rain Curtain".

  5. "Bolt/Jolt" and "Legendary Beast's Power" can animation cancel most skills in non awakening mode.

  6. "Echo Peirce" and "Allround Spinner" will swap you directly into awakening mode if used on the skillbar.

  7. "Jolt/Bolt" will swap you directly into non awakening mode.

Helpful Links

Official Tamer Discord: https://discord.gg/zn6puC6

Site To Plan Out Your Gear: http://bdoplanner.com/

Site to Look Up Items: http://bddatabase.net/us/

Leveling Guide: http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/leveling-1-60-guide/

Tamer Guide by Neipoy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z3remd4H1wXkh3Ys3dX4Lo0Hnr2wWaq4VPYwplLjBCI/edit

Zizi KR Tamer Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC61e587Ho4x9_AH5bnDcGiA

Frozzen KR Tamer Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkAPyuGs9tyBMzYbcKPryxw

Official BDO Forums: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/

Horse Calculator: http://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/horses/

Basic Gearing Progression Chart: http://origin.webcdn.theblackdesertonline.net/forum/service_live/monthly_03_2016/y65qNFX.png.e46a8d9dfad62a1173b8389f3fb0bdd3.png

Guide Log

Version 1.0 Release: 4/18/17

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Thank You :)

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