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New player Need advice Please!

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Posted (edited)

Ok so I'm new to BDO. I started last week today marks the 7th day of playing. I've played around 15-20 hours by now i guess. I am maining a Beserker as i felt the class description in "character creation" sounded like what i enjoy. I do like the class after playing it ahwile I'm currently level 45. I also have a level 35 tamer that i play with an IRL friend.


So my question is this:

I've been trying to learn as much as i can about the game and understand endgame and what items i should shoot for etc but there seems to be alot of information out there and alot of it seems mixed/outdated. Some people say grunil is the best set period for any class and some people say it's definately not. It was suggested to me to save up and buy +15 grunil set pieces before getting boss pieces. But i keep reading and hearing from streamers etc that grunil might not be the best option.


So ultimately I'm curious as a new player what gear should i be really looking for? Currently all of my gear is absolute basic stuff that i have picked up or gotten from black spirit quests. I have saved absolutely all of my money thus far and all my black stones for armour and weapons. I have around 22m right now and 45 armour stones and 36 weapon stones.

I'm looking for a list of gear i should get and what pieces i should try to get first. Also if i should focus on an upgraded awakening weapon over the main weapon or how i should go about it.  Any help and advice would be appreciated. (Trying to pool together up to date info and see what the general consensus seems to be before making a decision. Normally I would play the game and learn all this myself but BDO has alot of info to take in at the start and my leveling is going considerably faster than I had expected.



EDIT: Mainly plan on playing PVE with most likely very little PVP to none. I want a tanky character that is decently hard to kill but can still deal good damage. A good balance of both I guess is what im looking for. As I plan to main this and I do very much enjoy the combat and "mindless" grinding that comes along with it while listening to music. I find it very chill and relaxing.

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Grunil is okay but it doesnt lead to a path forward. This is why streamers and higher end players recommend other things.

Essentially the two pieces of boss gear you want are Bheg's Gloves (FIRST) and Muskan's Boots. Although they have "cool" graphics the armor pieces and Giath Helm leave a lot to be desired outside their set bonuses when you compare them to other options at there respective costs.

Because you want a Glove and Boot set eventually it (gloves specifically) will break your Grunil AP bonuses and therefore is less than awesome as you will have to sell it and switch gear. 

Most of everyone can agree that two gem slot gear is superior in almost any situation and as a result people are turning strongly to Heve as a base set of choice.

SO... my recommendation is to do the following considering where you are currently:

Armor: Roaring Magical Armor (quest armor upgraded... has +5 acc too which is amazeballz) [special attack evasion gems/cobilious(sp)]

Head: Heve (experiance gems/evasion)

Boots: Heve (run speed gems/luck gems)

Gloves: Heve (2attk speed gems)

Get these three pieces to DUO and start investing in other things. I recommend buying at +15 or Pri if you can and finishing it yourself... if you get juicy stacks of course save them for smart upgrades or TRI later on.


Accessories the link from the first guy nailed it. DUO or TRI Gladiator for your neck and belt, TRI Blue Corals are just 10ap but are around 120mil each right now which is insane AP for the money. Rings I would first pick up TRI Good Deeds as they are SUPER easy to get/make and the acc will help you as you lvl and also with pvp but then absolutely move toward DUO or preferably even TRI Marks of Shadow.


Weapon: Liverto to start, Kzarka is fantastic (about 8% dps increse) but not worth the money when you are hummin around with 20mil to start this whole process. 

Offhand: Sayier Ornamental Knot. Accuracy is king. Kutum is great for the game play style you are seeking and you will want to move there eventually but that's for when you have that extra 500million sitting in your bank and it appears at TRI on the marketplace.

Awakening: For most people I would say go green to TRI and save for Dandy... because of your cash on hand and your intent to do a lot of pve grinding an Ultimate (blue one that's been upgraded) is likely a more economical choice especially if you are going to be grinding human zones like pirates/ghaz/cadry. 



Upgrade your weapons to DUO across the board.

Target Bheg Gloves (grind up and buy a +15 or better, I know its a lot of money. It's a HUGE damage increase)

When acquired retool your gear for Heve and Roaring Magical Armor

TRI Good Deeds Rings

TRI Bares Neck/DUO Gladiator Neck

TRI Blue Corals (use like base witch right now until you can get em... they were like 6mil when we logged off last night for the patch)

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Posted (edited)

Wheres the problem to wear 4 Pc Grunil until you have both Bheg and Muskan enchanted and sell all four pieces of Grunil afterwards? I'd rather have a faster grind rate and lose on a couple mil on Marketplace tax instead of using a set that is worse by default and lose alot of silver and XP that way. :) 

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Wheres the problem to wear 4 Pc Grunil until you have both Bheg and Muskan enchanted and sell all four pieces of Grunil afterwards? I'd rather have a faster grind rate and lose on a couple mil on Marketplace tax instead of using a set that is worse by default and lose alot of silver and XP that way. :) 

Because the OP was asking if he should buy +15 Grunil or do something different. Since he is resource limited I would not recommend buying 4 pieces of armor that you intend on selling. 7 AP from the set bonus is a fine bonus not hardly worth the 15% loss on resale assuming value pack. If we assume he ends up going too TRI as suggested in the link, we are talking about roughly 54 million in marketplace tax loss. I don't think that is particularly reasonable for someone in his position economically. 

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