Catch-up Cash Shop = Get Money = Fix Servers

By Mengsk in Suggestions,
Here's a proactive appeal to the bottom line to maybe preempt the reactive response ie. people quitting because of server issues. Get back to adding stuff to the Cash Shop.  Like we used to have regularly.  Things beyond the slow drip of Dark Knight cosmetics meant to milk all the re-rollers.   It might prevent awkward situations like these: 1) Referencing a (Wizard) costume in patch notes that isn't available in our version Special action for the outfit Sage's Memory has been changed.2) Showing an unreleased costume in a cross-region promo video it can provide a cash injection that is obviously needed, given the performance of the odd-numbered channels and weekend node/siege wars over the last few months.   There are a dozen or more of these unreleased costumes with the assets already in our local game files.  Costumes with awakening weapons have been ignored in particular.  You don't even need to bother translating; the KR players typically work that out for us on Reddit anyway.  And it's about time the Black Spirit Claw makes its way to NA/EU, the only region without it, since we've been able to melt the crafted costumes for months, got a new round of them last week, and still can't use the gems that pop out. Your players want the game to succeed, but they also want to play on stable servers.  This is easy money that you can tap to get things back on track. May 3rd 2017: Musa and Ninja - Blue Tiger (Awakening) Maehwa and Tamer - Blushing Maiden (Awakening)
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