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By CM_Oli in Suggestions,
Welcome to the feedback and suggestions forums.
If you click this topic, you are one of the courageous adventurers willing to share how you feel about certain aspects of the game and / or propose modifications to the game. You know what? We all think you are awesome and that you are actually helping us a lot so we'd like to thank you for this!!!  How to make sure your contribution will be taken into account: Be precise and constructive.Take the time to explain your reasoning behind a feeling or a suggestion.Check if the suggestion you have in mind has already been shared. If it's the case, you can reply to it and we even added a like button just so you can promote that idea!Sharing is caring, maybe ask other players or friends you know what they think of your post before you click the "Submit" button.Be realistic. To add content requires a long time, Rome wasn't built in a day!  Bad post example: The Warrior class is s***, change it. Good post example: I don't like the Warrior because it doesn't have the necessary stats at level [Lv number] and it's impossible to defeat the monster [add boss name] in the area [add area name], here is some footage of me trying to kill it.   Once again, we truly appreciate that you are taking the time to visit our forums and sharing with us how do you feel about Black Desert Online!
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