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(Topic was posted here from a different section of the forums as advised by another user)

I ask that DAUM and Pearl Abyss consider reinstating the localized markets and remove global auction and the fixed prices from Black Desert.

One of the major draws this game had for me was this concept of a market where I had to make an active effort to go out into the world and search for the best price, to bring my goods I gathered, crafted, or bought from another player and risk my skin and carriage against the threat of another player attacking as I ride across the region to make that extra 300 silver per sale in an economy driven entirely by supply and demand governed by the players. Travelling with a group of friends or hired mercenary players, slowly climbing my way to the top and purchasing bigger and better modes of transport. The connections made through trade, discussion and hiring of services. The healthy economics of commerce and supplying others with what they desire. The drive to push on through the risk of losing it all by the hand of another player. Being that player who risks his life and karma standing to steal a large haul from another. To have a real impact on the game world and how other players progress and play. In my mind this is the greatest part of Black Desert.

None of this can be done in the current state of Black Desert. Global auction completely eradicates the enjoyment of travelling to other areas to find a better deal, replacing it with an uninteresting system of arbitrary prices set by NPCs. There is no fun in participating in a system that should be built around the interaction between players if it isn't actually built upon it. 

I can only ask that DAUM and PA please consider bringing back the system that was featured in early stages of this game. I hold deep concern that this game will lose out on a fascinating aspect of itself as it has in Korea, Russia and Japan should the decision be made not to change this system.

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At least on KR version, you're pretty unlikely to see much of anyone outside of Calpheon or Hidel. Even if you truck it all the way out to Valencia, it's like... a ghost town. Altinova isn't nearly as bad, but it's certainly nowhere near as populated as Calpheon or Hidel, meaning the majority of anything going on will likely be there, and people will think to go there first, and it's not super dangerous to travel between those areas (at least not right now it isn't!). This aspect probably wouldn't be as exciting as you think, and serve mostly to drive people even more to the places they are already at, at least as of the current KR update.

More of an issue is that the entire economy is based on silver getting pumped in via NPC, be it via turn ins, trade goods, trading in horses, etc. Basically everything about this would have to change (especially since everything is purchasable with silver - all gear, all power, everything), or else inflation would be absolutely insane. Maybe this game was initially advertised as more of a sandbox, but that's pretty much been chucked out. I personally agree the game should have severe far-reaching changing made to nearly everything, but I rather doubt it's forthcoming. >.>

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Although I like the idea as Ellie brought up there are some kinks that need to be ironed out. Such as region specific item crafting. Silver sinks. As well as maybe a cost for hauling large amounts of goods. So that to maximize the revenue of a given good you have to tell locally unless the item is rare enough to outweigh the shipment cost in revenue to ship to another region.

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